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  1. Number Porting

    Welcome to our complete guide to PBXact Cloud number porting. We are glad that you are considering bringing your number(s) to PBXact Cloud and we look forward to serving you. This wiki is for customers who would like to port phone numbers in to PBXact Cloud from another service provider. Number porting allows you
    PBX Platforms31 Oct , 2017
  2. What are Integration Socket Ports

    The default Zulu Socket Integration ports are used for bidirectional communication between Zulu Plugins such as Outlook, Chomre and Firefox and the Zulu … to the Zulu Desktop client on the local address of your machine on the ports below. You should only ever need to change these ports if they are already
    Zulu UC01 Nov , 2016
  3. Porting Out from SIPStation

    . While we do not want to see you go, we understand that you may need to port your telephone number(s) away from SIPStation to a new provider. This wiki is for customers wishing to port numbers out of SIPStation to a new provider. If you are looking for information on porting in to SIPStation, please see our main Number
    SIPStation and FAXStation26 Sep , 2017
  4. Number Porting

    Welcome to our complete guide to SIPStation number porting. We are glad that you are considering bringing your number(s) to SIPStation and we look forward … account must be verified. Please see our Account Verification Requirements wiki for verification instructions. Number porting is not available with SIPStation Free
    SIPStation and FAXStation30 Oct , 2018
  5. Calling Between Ports

    If you want to call from one port on your vega to another port, directly: Steps: 1. send the call to the Vega's local loopback in one (in the ToSIP planner), 2. in the ToFXS (for analog vega), or ToFXO, or ToE1T1(for digital vega) receive the call and send it to the other port Below is an example of how to do
    Vega Gateways07 Mar , 2017
  6. Change the default number of ports in NaturalAccess

    the Dialogic CG Series Media Boards. Introduction By default, the Dialogic NaturalAccess™ installation configures the drivers for 250 ports. This value can … configuration information for the switching driver, agsw. Modify the numberports line to reflect the number of ports supported by the hardware. A value of 0 tells
    Dialogic Voice Cards04 Feb , 2018
  7. Configuring TTY ports

    The Diva System Release for Linux provides one TTY port for each channel available in your configuration. For example, if you have a Diva 4BRI card, as there are 8 B Channels available, you will be provided with tty ports ttyds1 to ttyds8 If you have a Diva Analog8P card, then as there are 8 lines available, you
    Dialogic Voice Cards16 Feb , 2018
  8. Emergency Calling through FXO ports

    The following enables Emergency calling through the FXO port(s) Please remember that the below changes inside ‘Basic Config’ of the Vega Webgui will overwrite … inserted as dedicated emergency numbers. Since 911 is already present no need to adjust. 1.png Next step is to indicate the FXO port(s) for Emergency calling
    Vega Gateways07 Mar , 2017
  9. Caller ID on COM ports

    Some legacy applications use the virtual COM port of the Dialogic® Diva® Media Board to process incoming calls. This is because driving the COM port and using … the caller's number (caller ID) so that this can be stored or used for security purposes or for database lookup. The Diva Media Board virtual COM port supports
    Dialogic Voice Cards15 Feb , 2018
  10. Recovering hung channels / ports.

    experience two types of stuck channels also known as hung ports. Applications should have control over knowing whether there is a call control event OR a media event … that the dxresetch() API has some limitations and may not recover the channel in all stuck channels / hung ports scenarios. Use the TDXRESET event as an indication
    Dialogic Voice Cards30 Jan , 2018