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  1. How to enable port mirroring / snooping

    trace, but can be configured to mirror the signalling (for SIP/H323) and data (for RTP) ports that can be useful when debugging live systems. Procedure To enable port snooping, go to the "Advanced Debug" menu in the CLI interface by pressing "d" at the main menu and using the username "admin" and password "password
  2. I10-RTP Source Port Validate

    RTP Source Port Validate Overview: The IMG does not allow multiple RTP streams sent to the same VoIP channel. By doing so, the IMG prevents poor voice quality or other potential voice problems. The IMG uses the RTP Source Port Validate Method to examine the the IP address and the UDP port of the incoming RTP packet
  3. Dynamic Port Configuration

    to restart all panpipe ports (or driver). This is very important during Asterisk, FreeSWITCH or Custom Application debugging when wanpipe restart is not an option … wanpipe reconfiguration and wanpipe port restart. In order to dynamically configure a port into a digial loopback mode Set port into MASTER (internal oscillator
    Telephony Cards03 Jan , 2016
  4. Changing SSH Port

    You can change the port that SSH listens on which by default is 22 from within the Linux CLI. Use your favorite editor such as nano and open the file of /etc/ssh/sshdconfig Screen Shot 20130324 at 6.51.43 PM.png Scroll down to where you see Port 22. Screen Shot 20130324 at 6.52.34 PM.png Remove the infront of 22
    PBX Platforms24 Mar , 2013
  5. STM1 Port Mapping

    > VTGroup x7> STS1 SPE > STS1 x3> STS3 > OC3 E1 to SDH Mapping SDH/STM1 maps to 63 E1 Ports. Supported VM Mapping: Only supported E1 to SDH VM Mapping is: KLM (Interleaved) mapping as per table below. Note: KLM mapping is also refered to TUG2 mapping. ITUT (Sequential by one) is not supported Table below maps the STM1Mux ports
    Multiplexers25 Jan , 2017
  6. What port-specific argument to use when configuring DMG2000 via serial port

    Introduction This article provides clarification on how to specify the port in commands that are issued when using the serial port on a Dialogic® 2000 Media Gateway (DMG2000 Gateway). Details The DMG2000 Gateways allow a user to issue commands when a serial port cable is attached to the unit. In general, the commands
    Dialogic Media Gateways20 Feb , 2018

    IMG1010DG RedundantData.png The DATA0 and DATA1 ports are used for communication between the IMG 1010 and the IP network. Ethernet Ports DATA0 and DATA1 … Ports within the IMG 1010 An IP address shared by DATA0 and DATA1 for redundancy is configured in Clientview.
  8. Vega with FreePBX (PJSIP on port 5060)

    a. Click on the 'Registration Mode' and select 'Off' b. Insert your FreePBX IP address in 'SIP Server IP/Name' c. Enter the PJSIP port (5060) 4. Finish
    Vega Gateways17 Jan , 2019
  9. Port your number out of Google Voice

    supported SIP Trunking service. Porting a Google Voice number to SIPStation is easy as long as you follow the instructions below to unlock your number. Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service
    SIPStation Trunking09 Jul , 2015
  10. Front panel and Ethernet port LEDs

    This article explains how to interpret the front panel and Ethernet port status LEDs on both the Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway Series (DMG1000) and the Dialogic … 2000 Ethernet port. If the yellow/orange LED indicates that the port is operating in Fullduplex when the Ethernet switch to which the port is connected
    Dialogic Media Gateways20 Feb , 2018