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  1. SBC Monitoring and Notifications

    Sangoma SBC supports error and event monitoring and reporting functionality. Using the WebGUI Notification page, user can setup reporting based on Threshold based events Error events Capacity events Audio quality events Events are delivered via Email Configuring Monitoring: From the SBC Web UI, browse to the System
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  2. SBC Upper Registration

    “Upper Registration”(also named as “Through Registration” or “Forward Registration”) is a feature Sangoma SBC provides to help remote users, outside of the Enterprise or Carrier networks, to access Enterprise PBX, Hosted PBX or Carrier Softswitch in a secure and reliable way. Sangoma SBC stands on the edge of local
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  3. SBC Remote Office

    SBCs to interconnect VoIP LANs across the internet. SBCs are installed at the edge of each LAN and work transparently, with no need to configure individuals’ equipment. This requires less powerful servers and much less configuration and management compared to VPNs. The SBC protects the network from security threats
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  4. SBC scenario overview

    SBC Use Case Overview Connect remote workers securely to a VoIP infrastructure Connect Branch Offices together securely without needing VPNs Smoothly integrate … integration with SIP providers SBC for IP PBX to SIP Trunks
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  5. SBC Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting When troubleshooting SBC there are certain pieces of information from the system that will be critical. The list of information we need … ) It is preferable to have some form of document describing the network environment SBC is deployed in including any relevant NAT or firewall devices and anything
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  6. SBC Intrusion Detection

    The intrusion detection system on the SBC has been preconfigured with a set of known attacks. These attacks are grouped depending on what core service the attack is designed for. By default, only the VoIP group is enabled. SBC Intrusion Detection Configuration Navigate via WebGUI to Configuration>Security>Intrusion
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  7. SBC Upgrade

    First Create a Backup Refer to SBC Backup !You must backup your configuration before upgrade process or you … Restart After the upgrade is done, you will be prompted to Restart the system. Click Restart to restart the SBC. This step will reboot
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  8. Upgrade to FreePBX 15

    as a restore point to a new install. Note also that the new Backup and Restore module in FreePBX 15 allows restores of backups made by previous versions. Overview This wiki will describe the process to upgrade your FreePBX systems to latest FreePBX 15. This section covers the FreePBX module and custom OSS brands on the top
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  9. Generating SBC License Files

    . For VM SBC's you will need to use your MAC address using the command below. These commands need to be ran on the Linux CLI of your SBC. Appliance (hard disk … on the page and your license files will be generated. To download your license click on the provided URL. Uploading License to the SBC Once the license file
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  10. Integration PBXact & SBC

    This guide will show you how to deploy Sangoma SBC in combination with Sangoma PBXact in the scenario shown here: 1.jpg An step by step guide can be found here: SBC & PBXACT working together.pdf
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