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    Sangoma SBC has a very powerfull and easy to use cloud license management that would allow a customer to manage a pool of licenses between several SBCs. Using a license pool allows to distribute/share the Sangoma licensed calling capacity between severals SBCs. For example if your organization has a license pool
    Session Border Controller30 Mar , 2018
  2. HA SBC Nov 2013.pptx

    Leveraging DNS for HA SBC deployments Competition Q&A Conclusion © Sangoma Technologies DNS Technology DNS = Domain Name System Used as ‘phonebook … are considered unreachable Example: Failover between 2 servers © Sangoma Technologies DNS and SBC deployments Session Border Controllers Installed at the border
  3. Software SBC installation

    Instructions on how to get started with Sangoma VM SBC Download The Wiki download page contains the latest Sangoma SBC ISO. It is recommended that customers download the latest Sangoma SBC ISO. Only use the older
    Session Border Controller15 May , 2019
  4. SBC Quick Config Overview

    SBC. General Change default password Confirm SBC has the correct license installed Network Planning Draw out a network diagram Identify IP networking scenario for SBC Is SBC straddling two networks Is SBC behind a router Identify SIP signaling ip
    Session Border Controller06 Dec , 2017
  5. SBC Security

    Security Overview Sangoma SBC, security consists of five parts Sangoma SBC performs security operations at each network layer Ethernet TCP/IP SIP/RTP Sangoma SBC uses kernel level firewall to block intruders. This allows the SBC to scale even when it’s under full DOS attack SIP Security Per SIP message, per realm
    Session Border Controller18 Sep , 2015
  6. Backup and Restore SBC

    This pages shows exactly how to backup and then restore your SBC. This is typically used to ensure the installation is clean and to ensure any unauthorized access. The backup will only backup the SBC related information, and therefore anything else on the SBC will be removed during the reinstall. 1) Log into the SBC
    Session Border Controller01 Feb , 2018
  7. Session Border Controllers (SBC)

    Support Service Gold and Platinum Support are available on All the variants of SBC products. Customers looking for Support must have a Sangoma Portal Account … . The Serial Number of all SBC Variants can be found on a sticker located at the side or rear of the appliance. For Vega Enterprise VM SBC, the Serial Number
    Support Services28 Jan , 2019
  8. SIP and SBC Sessions

    is direct SBC Session SBC is a back to back user agent. A single SBC call will crate 2 SIP sessions. For licensing purposes Sangoma uses SBC Sessions to describe the session capacity. Thus License
    Session Border Controller21 Jun , 2017
  9. SBC Security Advisory SEC-20180126

    SECURITY ADVISORY Vulnerability in Sangoma Session Border Controller (SBC) Products Sangoma Advisory ID: SEC20180126 Notice Date: January 26, 2018 CVE ID … Enterprise, Vega Enterprise, and Vega SMB SBCs (Product SKUs beginning with SBCT and SBCM). Software Versions Affected: All software versions below 2.3.12 Fix
    Session Border Controller26 Jan , 2018
  10. SBC usecase overview Sangoma SBC acts as the interface … and Voice (TLS, SRTP) Codec Conversion (Transcoding) Why SBC Real Time IP Communications are Complex Sessions initiated from inside or outside firewalls – NAT QOS
    Session Border Controller21 Jun , 2017