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  1. Sangoma University.pdf

    in. • Automatically enrolled – Free Online Training – PBXact Essentials • PBXact SCE (Cert Exam) – FreePBX Essentials • FreePBX SCE (Cert Exam) – Vega Gateway & SBC … Experience – Install and Commissioning – Common Features – Lab Exercises • PBXact, FreePBX, SBC and Vega • Follows Certifications – Professional • Condensed Material
  2. Sangoma VM SBC AMI at AWS (Amazon Web Services)

    a FreePBX VM, fully protected behind the SBC. Click on Next: Add Storage. In our example we will select a 30Gig drive of General Purpose SSD … SBC in a Cloud Based UC/VoIP Service. One of the interesting use cases for Sangoma SBC is to provide VoIP Edge connectivity between Softswitches or IPPBX's
    Session Border Controller15 Jun , 2020
  3. FreePBX-PBXact Trunking Configuration

    , SBC to FreePBX PBXact Configuration Guide provides detailed information about the configuration requirements in the SMB SBC, Vega SBC, Netborder SBC … , Routing, Interoperability and more, then delivers the SIP Trunk call to the FreePBX PBXact IPPBX. Using SIP Protocol the SBC and the FreePBX PBXact create a Trunk
    Session Border Controller25 Oct , 2018
  4. Standard SIPStation Configuration

    Wiki's that document how to configure SIP Trunking with SBC with a FreePBX/PBXact. Drawing1.png IPPBX IP: SBC LAN IP: SBC DMZ IP … the configuration of the requirement to connect SIPStation SIP Trunking with the SBC. Introduction For Trunking solutions, SIPStation can provide SIP Trunks to a SBC
    Session Border Controller27 Feb , 2020
  5. How to request a RMA for Warranty Products

    Category, such as FreePBX, PBXact, Vega Gateways, SBCs and so on. In each major Product Category there are 3 common options for each. <Product> Appliance/Hardware
    Support Services04 Apr , 2019
  6. SBC FAQ

    What is the SBC capacity? Sangoma provides two different tiers for its SBC. The Vega Session Controller and the NetBorder Session Controller. Both are based in the same software base, but Vega SBC is tailored to small densities (ie enterprise), from 1250 concurrent calls. The NetBorder SBC it is aimed to big
    Session Border Controller20 Feb , 2020
  7. Como Solicitar un RMA para Productos en Garantia

    departamento. Existen categorías superiores de producto, como FreePBX, PBXact, Vega Gateways, SBCs y otras. En cada categoría hay 3 opciones comunes. <Producto> Appliance
    Support Services05 Apr , 2019
  8. Risks of Unexpected Power Loss on Solid State Drives (SSDs)

    Loss Sangoma Freepbx/pbxact systems,NSG and SBC appliances uses standard industrial grade SSD for data storage.The purpose of this document is to inform customers
    PBX Platforms03 Jul , 2016
  9. SBC

    Here you will find all your Sangoma SBCs listed. Software SBC SMB SBC Enterprise SBC Netborder SBC For each Product you view we have the following tabs with general information outlined below for each tab General Company Name Who owns the SBC. Owner is shown as the Customer who bought the SBC from Sangoma. Location
    Sangoma Portal/Store25 Apr , 2018
  10. Sangoma SBC license Installation.pdf

    Sangoma SBC License Installation Thank you for becoming a new member to the Sangoma SBC family. Whether this is your first SBC or upgrading the license limit on your production SBC, the information below will guide you through the procedure of installing your new license. Your Example SBC license key is: b8u9k37gn6o