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  1. Sending Voicemail to Multiple E-Mail Addresses

    If you are using the FreePBX Distro / PBXact / Sangoma PBX 5.211.65X or greater, we have patched Asterisk to allow setting more than one email address for the voicemailtoemail feature. To enter multiple email addresses: Go to Applications → Extensions Click on the edit button editbutton.png for the desired extension
    PBX GUI14 Sep , 2015
  2. IMG 1010 - Installing Cacti

    side of the screen is a graph tree and on the right side are the graphs. Each of the graphs in the Data Source field can be configured individually. Email alerts … data to alter output Send notifications to default alert addresses This determines which set of email addresses will be used for alerting. There are individual
  3. Re: OSS End Point Manager

    I did not add the GXP2130 support to the distributed module (github). I do, however, have a Grandstream brand package that can be imported (Advanced Settings) that adds support for the 2130, 2140, 2160 and 2200. I know it works as I use it regularly. Let me know if you want it, I'll email it to you.
    PBX GUI / … / OSS End Point Manager03 Mar , 2016
  4. UCP Voicemail

    for our voicemail box. Email Address: Email address if defined where to send voicemails to. Email Attachment: Using the email address above send the voicemail as an email attachment Play CID: Play the Caller ID of who left the voicemail anytime you listen to the voicemail Play Envelope: Play the date and time stamp of when
    PBX GUI13 Feb , 2018
  5. Re: System Admin - Port Management

    If you are using https you need to remove port 81 as of build 10.13.6611. The system generates and email for new user accounts and the URL will be which doesn't work but removing 81 from this screen will produce the correct URL
    PBX GUI / … / System Admin - Port Management06 May , 2016
  6. Voicemail - Extension Level

    they will not be able to access the voicemail menu by pressing (). If you have no plans to access your mailbox remotely, set this to "yes." Email Address Email address that voicemails will be sent to. Pager Email Address Email address that short voicemail alerts will be sent to This information is thought to be accurate
    PBX GUI14 Sep , 2015
  7. Re: Installing FreePBX 13 on CentOS 7

    is where you set your 'admin' account password, and configure an email address to receive update notifications. When I go to the IP of the server and IP of server
  8. XactView Module User Guide

    playback URLs. Password Email Settings XVPWEM.png Subject Subject of password email Body Content of email Variables <span>The subject text of the email. You can specify the following variables in the email:<br><br>%%userId%% = The the username that the password belongs to.<br>%%password%% = The password value.<br
    PBX GUI28 Aug , 2015
  9. How to Claim Support Credits Card

    If you purchase your support contract or support credits from a Sangoma Authorized Distributor you should have received an email from your Distributor … the Submit button Screen Shot 20180827 at 9.09.14 AM.png Screen Shot 20180827 at 9.09.17 AM.png A email will be sent to the Organization who purchased
    Sangoma Portal/Store31 Jul , 2019
  10. M3 Auto Upgrading

    get an email alert nightly if upgrades are available, but the system will not install the updates. You would need to manually yum update M3. Any time an update is found, an email alert will be sent to you regarding the upgrade. Once it's installed, another email will be sent informing you of the completed upgrade.
    Deprecated Spaces12 May , 2015