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  1. Certificate Management User Guide

    Host Name: The hostname you want to use for your certificate. This must be a fully qualified domain name that points back to your PBX. Owners Email: Your email address. This email is provided to Let's Encrypt to send you important information about your certificate Challenge Over: The only option here is HTTP (Port 80
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  2. Quick Setup Wizard

    the top menu 12.PNG STEP 1: Time Zone and Email four.PNG System Time Zone Pick which time zone you want the PBX to use System Email Address Optionally change what email address the PBX will appear to be sending messages from for things like fax to email or voicemail to email Click the Next button to move to the next
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  3. Fax Configuration

    . Outgoing Email address Email address that faxes appear to come from if "system default" has been chosen as the default fax extension. Email address Email address that faxes are sent to when using the "Dial System Fax" feature code. This is also the default email for fax detection in legacy mode, if there are routes still
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  4. RMS Getting Started

    Installation instructions RMS Module RMS Module RMS Portal RMS Portal RMS Email Notifications All RMS email notifications will be sent from From email: From IP: Customers should add email
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  5. User Control Panel-Settings

    and email addresses and set recording formats and options. Screen Shot 20130325 at 11.18.05 AM.png Voicemail Password: Specify the password used to access your voicemail account. Note that this password is also used to access the User Control Panel. Email Address: This is the email address that the PBXact will send
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  6. Re: How to setup FreePBX to work with Office 365 Exchange Email

    ; emails sent can only be to users in the office 365 domain ... ive never had it be show stopper
  7. System Admin - Storage

    Overview The Storage page displays hard disk drive usage and will send an email to the notification address when disk space is 75% full and 90% full. An email … disk space usage for a given device, in the format of space used / total space (percentage used). Failure Notifications Email The email address you would like
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  8. Setting up M3 for the first time

    Go to the IP address of your M3 server in a Web Browser. You will be prompted to define an Admin Email address, which will be your default login. A password … should see a screen like the one below. If the email address you used to create your M3 login is associated with a Schmooze Portal account, the system
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  9. Advanced Recovery Expert Configuration

    Email The email address where notifications will be sent to. Inline logs If set to Yes, attach logs in the notification email to analyze which modules are backed up, and being restored to the Secondary server. Email Type Select which type of events should send out email notifications. In the screen shot, you can see
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  10. Editing User and Login Information

    Editing Name, Title, and Phone Numbers, and Changing Password or Email Address Each SIPStation user can manage login information settings such as their name, title, phone numbers, password, and email address for any user under their organization if they are a Super User. Login information is the same for SIPStation
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