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  1. Activating a License Diva SoftIP SIP 2.x

    fingerprint or the DUID of the WIBUKEY USB Dongle. Proof of Purchase Code (PPC). You will have received the PPC in printed form or as an email when you purchased Dialogic Diva SoftIP SIP 2.x. Email address where the license file will be sent to. Getting the DUID Go to Start > All Programs > Dialogic Diva > Configuration
    Dialogic Voice Cards15 Apr , 2019
  2. user guide.pdf

    to administer your system Username Password Confirm Password Admin Email address Confirm Email address Set up my Account username password password email address confirm email Discover products & solutions designed for PBXact today! Visit If you’re prompted with a login screen, you will need to log
    PBX Platforms / … / New System Setup Guide06 May , 2016
  3. Mail

    setFrom($email, $name); $email = ""; $name = "Johnny Sender"; setTo(array($email1, $email2, $email....)); Pass an array of recipients. Note these will be sent to ALL recipients together, not as individual emails. setPriority($int); $int options are 1 Highest 2 High 3 Normal (default) 4 Low 5 Lowest
    FreePBX OpenSource Project14 Sep , 2016
  4. Quick Setup Wizard

    the top menu 12.PNG STEP 1: Time Zone and Email four.PNG System Time Zone Pick which time zone you want the PBX to use System Email Address Optionally change what email address the PBX will appear to be sending messages from for things like fax to email or voicemail to email Click the Next button to move to the next
    PBX Platforms18 Sep , 2017
  5. RMS Getting Started

    Installation instructions RMS Module RMS Module RMS Portal RMS Portal RMS Email Notifications All RMS email notifications will be sent from From email: From IP: Customers should add email
    Sangoma Labs14 Feb , 2017
  6. Fax Configuration

    . Outgoing Email address Email address that faxes appear to come from if "system default" has been chosen as the default fax extension. Email address Email address that faxes are sent to when using the "Dial System Fax" feature code. This is also the default email for fax detection in legacy mode, if there are routes still
    PBX GUI07 Oct , 2015
  7. User Control Panel-Settings

    and email addresses and set recording formats and options. Screen Shot 20130325 at 11.18.05 AM.png Voicemail Password: Specify the password used to access your voicemail account. Note that this password is also used to access the User Control Panel. Email Address: This is the email address that the PBXact will send
    PBX GUI25 Mar , 2013
  8. Operation

    g Edit the user Make sure user has email setup under "User Details" image20191212124313.png Navigate to SmartOffice tab in Click on YES for Enabled to add … Click on INVITE button The invited user will receive an email, welcoming them to the service. image2019121213339.png
    SmartOffice12 Dec , 2019
  9. IMG 1010 - Configuring H.323 Signaling

    . Gatekeeper Support (change to Enable) E.164 Number Gateway URL Gateway EMail Gateway Technology Prefix (if the external gateway requires one) To change the default
  10. Getting Started FreePBX and PBXact

    Make sure user has email setup under "User Details" Add email and click on Submit at the bottom of the page to Save image2019121213718.png Navigate to SmartOffice … configuration has been applied Click on Invite to invite the user to the service The invited user will receive an email, welcoming them to the service
    SmartOffice30 Dec , 2019