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  1. How to Make a Co Owner Claim

    How to CoOwn a product that is not linked to your account favourite
    Sangoma Portal/Store12 Dec , 2018
  2. Managing Co-Owned Request Made To You

    account at Modifying the Email address where Co Owner Request are sent to Review the wiki here on how … Overview When Sangoma sells a product that specific product is registered in the portal under the original purchaser (Primary Owner) of the product and only
    Sangoma Portal/Store12 Dec , 2018
  3. Registering New Phones

    From within the Sangoma Portal at click on the Products > Sangoma Phones > List Screen Shot 20170714 at 1.13.41 PM.png If you do not see your phone listed this would mean the phone was purchased by you from a Reseller or Partner and you will need to make a claim on
    Phones14 Jul , 2017
  4. How Support Credits work with Sangoma Products

    When purchasing a Sangoma Support contract there are 2 parts that make up a support contract as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies Technical Support Services Post Installation Technical Support is used to assist customers in the operation of Sangoma products after installation. Support provides reso
    Sangoma Portal/Store10 Sep , 2018
  5. How to Co-Own a product that is not linked to your account

    the Serial Number or Deployment ID in the form below Screen Shot 20170607 at 3.49.07 PM.png A email notice will be sent to the primary owner of the product and once … support tickets on that product if need be. If the Primary Owner denies the claim you will no longer be able to open support tickets but while its pending approval
    Sangoma Portal/Store12 Dec , 2018
  6. Viewing Previous Co-Ownership Request

    Sangoma Portal/Store12 Dec , 2018
  7. 64-0048-02.pdf

    Central Office (CO). NOTE: A standard telephone will not function when directly connected to the board. Connecting Cables to J1J4 PBX or Public Telephone Network … are the trademarks of their respective owners.
  8. S300 - CE report (CE Doc).pdf

    . Page 1 of 38 Report No.:EMC20155637CRP Compliance Test Department of Shenzhen ZTE Technology Service Co., Ltd V3.2 Table of Content 1 General Information … Co., Ltd V3.2 1 General Information 1.1 Notes It is the test results from all the tests which are performed in the EMC Laboratory of Compliance Test Department
    Phones / … / CE Certs08 May , 2017
  9. 64-0250-02.pdf

    ON JP1B P700 RJ48C D/300JCTE175EW D/300JCTE1120EW CT Bu s Co nn ect or JP1A BNC Receive BNC Transmit Green LED Yellow LED Red LED Loopback LED Green LED Yellow LED Red LED Power LED SW500 PC I E xp res s Co nn ect or 321 Pin s P3 D o c. I D : 0 5 2 5 9 1 0 0 2 Dialogic® is a registered trademark of Dialogic Corporation
  10. 10024_Diagnostic_Enhancements_an-6.pdf

    engine for system software, and allows new tracing facilities to merge easily into a single RTF. The performance advantage of RTF 3.0 provides more CPU MIPS for co … names of actual companies and products mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. Dialogic encourages all users of its products to procure