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  1. Connect Legacy PBX to ITSP

    . The SIP trunk from the ITSP to the Vega gateway may require that the Vega to register to a ITSP Registrar Log into the Vega gateway using the WebUI interface … The following describes how to configure a Vega 50FXS/Vega3000G/Vega5000 to connect your Legacy PBX to an ITSP image201621 14:57:20.png The Vega gateway can
    Vega Gateways26 Jun , 2017
  2. ENP

    username and password into the "SIP Proxy Auth Users" section ensuring each is enabled. Once your extensions are registered you will see them listed in the "SIP Proxy Registered Users" section. Note: If you do not want to duplicate the usernames and passwords on the Vega you can simply trust your entire subnet. This will tell
    Vega Gateways07 Mar , 2019
  3. XactView V3-Users Widget

    Registration Status A general registration status will show on the user box for all of the user's extensions. The user box itself will show the registered status color if the user has at least one extension assigned to them that is registered. The unregistered status will show on the user box only if all the user's
    PBX Platforms19 Jun , 2018
  4. DSP TAP

    Capture In order to stop dsp tap from VEGA GUI there are multiple steps involved as provided below: As shown in below screen shot, User need to go to "DSP Capture … User can even clear DSP TAP trace captured on VEGA once user is done with it by clicking on the Trace Clear option as present within the DSP Capture Windows
    Vega Gateways23 May , 2019
  5. SIP Domain Configuration

    users will register with the SBC. Upper registration is used when users will register to a softswitch or a IPPBX through a SBC. This enables topology hiding so … want to enable “Forward Registration / Authentication”. If you want NSC to handle authentication of SIP requests (ie REGISTER, INVITE) using the local user
    Session Border Controller01 Aug , 2018
  6. Connecting with Dect Phones

    registration instance for each one of the of the DECT phones. You will need to define on the Base Extension the identities to register in the vega ENP. Vega Dect 1.png … This use case will show you hoe to extend the capabilities of your legacy PBX with DECT phones using your tsandar FXS or BRI ports in the PBX one Vega 50
    Vega Gateways26 Jun , 2017
  7. 3050G-FXO Plug-in Module manual v06.pdf

    back plate If any of the items are missing, please contact your reseller or point of purchase. Note: For new Vega 3050G installations without any user con … FIELD UPGRADE INSTALLATION MANUAL 3050G FXO PLUGIN MODULE Thank you for purchasing the FXO PlugIn Module for your Vega 3050G. The following steps will guide
    Vega Gateways / … / Hardware Installation19 Dec , 2016
  8. SIP Signaling - Network Element

    The SIP Network Element authorizes the IMG 2020 to register with a SIP User Agent (gateway) or SIP User Agent Client (SIP Phone or softphone application). When … to register with an external SIP User Agent or SIP Client. Unregister Click on the Unregister button to unregister with an external SIP User Agent or SIP Client.
  9. HTTPS

    “443” port in order to use VEGA GUI over HTTPS. But user can change the port based upon the requirement. This can be achieved by configuring HTTPS ports as present in “User Access” under “System Tab” of “Expert Config Section” as show below: image201738 15:9:59.png By default VEGA uses self signed certificate
    Vega Gateways08 Mar , 2017
  10. Finding IP Address

    . Turn on the Vega. Note the MAC address of the Vega Ethernet interface, which can be found on the sticker above the LAN port on the Vega. For Linux users: run … By default (with default config) the Vega will obtain its IP address via DHCP with network cable plugged into LAN 1 The methods below detail how to obtain
    Vega Gateways23 Oct , 2017