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  1. Vega with FreePBX (PJSIP on port 5060)

    Vega Configuration The following steps illustrate how to register your Vega product with FreePBX. This guide applies to all Vega products 1. Log into your Vega … (Recommendation) In order to have the Vega register to FreePBX we recommend adding the Vega's IP Address (or add the entire subnet where the Vega is installed
    Vega Gateways17 Jan , 2019
  2. Analog extensions with FreePBX

    interface. The default user is admin and password is admin 2.png Step 2: As the Vega gateway WebUI loads up the Status page as shown below. Once the page has … Registration and Authentication ID:If Registration mode is Gateway, This defines the user ID used to register the SIP extension with the FreePBX Authentication Password:If
    Vega Gateways12 May , 2016
  3. Vega

    The following steps illustrate how to register your Vega with FreePBX. This guide applies to Vega 100/200/400 and Vega FXO 1. Log into your Vega webGUI 1.png 2. Log into the Quick Config Any modifications performed in Quick Config will overwrite ALL configuration on the Vega (so if you have made any adjustments
    Vega Gateways10 May , 2016
  4. User-To-User IE

    Introduction Vega can relay "UserToUser IE" from SIP INVITE to PRI/ISDN SETUP message and vice versa. Below contents will describe the required configuration for Vega to send/receive "UserToUser" IE to/from ISDN/SIP. Configuration Vega needs to have below parameter set in order to pass "XUUI" SIP Header received
    Vega Gateways28 Nov , 2016
  5. How to Register Sangoma Products for Support and Warranty

    Product How to Register your PBX Telecom & Datacom Cards, Vega Gateways, Session Border Controllers, Netborder Gateways, Phones and Express for Lync Your … FreePBX and PBXact Your PBX needs to be registered with us before you can purchase commercial modules or receive paid support assistance for it. We assign each
    Sangoma Portal/Store09 Jan , 2017
  6. SIP Signaling - Register AOR

    AOR is Registered Button Functionality Register Click on the Register button to register with an external SIP User Agent or SIP Client. Unregister Click … The SIP Register AOR represents the AOR that will be used by the IMG 2020 to register with the registrar (external gateway) when Multiple AOR or Multiple Bulk
  7. TLS for VEGA Using Simple Authority.pdf

    (Certification Authority). Let’s then create a Server SSL certificate to be used in the VEGA. First let’s create a user in Simple Authority to associate certificates for this Session Border Controller: Edit User Information: Assign a name using the FQDN or IP of your VEGA (In this case will be Adjust
    Vega Gateways / … / TLS08 Mar , 2017
  8. Vega-4x4-Module-install-manual v02.pdf

    chassis packaging. Note: For new Vega 4x4 installations without any user conguration, you may skip this step and move to step 3. To save a backup of the current … FIELD UPGRADE INSTALLATION MANUAL Vega 4x4 MODULE INSTALL Thank you for purchasing the Vega 4x4 module. Based on your order, your package includes 1 x FXO/FXS
    Vega Gateways / … / Vega 4 x 4 VoIP Gateway09 Mar , 2017
  9. Vega Switch Boot Partitions

    Vega Gateways have two flash partitions that contain the boot image. In case of image corruption or in case of a failed firmware upgrade, user can recover their Vega by switching to a secondary flash partition. There are two way ways of switching Vegafirmwarepartitionusedon boot. Boot Loader Vega CLI In case
    Vega Gateways16 Nov , 2016
  10. Vega_FXS_Registering to _2 _ SIP -Proxy _server.docx

    This document describes on Vega FXS ports registering to 2 Proxy / FreePBX server and sending calls on round robin basis example 1st call to 1st Proxy , 2nd … and Proxy / FreePBX Sever 2 NOTE: ON BOTH PROXY SERVER THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD SHOULD BE SAME SO THAT VEGA FXS PORT’S CAN REGISTER TO BOTH THE PROXY SERVER USING