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  1. Extensions - Editing or Deleting

    in a table on the Extensions Module landing page. You can click on an action for the extension to edit or delete it. landingpage.png Logging In From the top … the appropriate wiki (Custom, DAHDI, IAX, ChanSIP, or Virtual). Click the Submit button. Click the Apply Config button. Deleting an Extension From the extensions list
    PBX GUI14 Sep , 2015
  2. Deleting Users

    here you can see all the users you can manage. DeletingUsers1.png Click the Edit button next to the user that you would like to delete or modify. DeletingUsers4.png Lastly this page will display this user's Login & Personal Information, Settings, etc. You can modify the information or this user or delete them
    PBX Platforms18 Sep , 2017
  3. Click to Call from Outlook 2010 and 2013 Email

    Supported with Windows Zulu Client with Office 2010 and 2013 at this time only. From within a message, highlight any text you wish to be able to dial. image2016122 12:5:12.png Rightclick on the selected text to bring up a context menu. image2016122 12:5:40.png Select the option to perform. For example, "Place a call vi
    Zulu UC03 Nov , 2016
  4. Different Types of Fax Users Explained

    for locations they are an admin user of Auto Delete Can set the auto delete options for any trunk and DID for locations they are an admin user of Emails Can set email alerts for inbound and outbound faxes for any DID for locations they are an admin user of Can also see the alerts and delete alerts that other users
    SIPStation and FAXStation24 Oct , 2016
  5. User Control Panel-Settings

    and email addresses and set recording formats and options. Screen Shot 20130325 at 11.18.05 AM.png Voicemail Password: Specify the password used to access your voicemail account. Note that this password is also used to access the User Control Panel. Email Address: This is the email address that the PBXact will send
    PBX GUI25 Mar , 2013
  6. UCP Voicemail

    :32.png Delete the voicemail message from the system. Folders On the left side are a list of folders that voicemails can be moved to. Clicking on any folder … for our voicemail box. Email Address: Email address if defined where to send voicemails to. Email Attachment: Using the email address above send the voicemail
    PBX GUI13 Feb , 2018
  7. [How-to] Install & Secure FreePBX Distro (with commercial modules) on Google Compute Engine

    . Will take up to few hours. In the meantime, we will secure the VM in the cloud: Go to Compute Engine and create a VM instance of your choice (will be deleted) and select both checkboxes Allow HTTP traffic and Allow HTTPS traffic. Delete the just created VM instance. Go to VPC network >> Firewall rules. Restrict all rules
    FreePBX Documentation02 Nov , 2019
  8. Certificate Management User Guide

    Email: Your email address. This email is provided to Let's Encrypt to send you important information about your certificate Challenge Over: The only option here … , however, be useful for internal testing Your PBX also generates a self signed certificate on first boot If you have previously deleted the selfsigned CA when
    PBX GUI20 Nov , 2019
  9. .Property Manager Configuration v15.0

    checkin to rooms if they are dirty Define the Company details, such as logo, address and email generalcompany.png Below is a description for each item: Item Details … , png or gif format. Company Localization Address of the Hotel or property Email The email address entered here will be used for email notifications when
    PBX GUI03 Oct , 2019
  10. Fax Pro-Admin Guide

    Fax Pro module, users can send and receive faxes in the User Control Panel (UCP) as well as receive faxes at an email address. You can manage your cover page … sending the fax. Default Local Station Identifier The outgoing Fax Machine Identifier. This is usually your fax number. Outgoing Email address This is the email
    PBX GUI04 Jun , 2019