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  1. Deleting Users

    here you can see all the users you can manage. DeletingUsers1.png Click the Edit button next to the user that you would like to delete or modify. DeletingUsers4.png Lastly this page will display this user's Login & Personal Information, Settings, etc. You can modify the information or this user or delete them
    PBX Platforms18 Sep , 2017
  2. IMG 1010 - Changing or Deleting Dialogic GCEMS

    been previously installed for this script to work. The script changes the links to the executables in /opt/dialogic/IMG. Deleting GCEMS Version To change … will delete the specified version of GCEMS and ClientView/EventView that is stored in /opt/dialogic/installs directory.
  3. Click to Call from Outlook 2010 and 2013 Email

    Supported with Windows Zulu Client with Office 2010 and 2013 at this time only. From within a message, highlight any text you wish to be able to dial. image2016122 12:5:12.png Rightclick on the selected text to bring up a context menu. image2016122 12:5:40.png Select the option to perform. For example, "Place a call vi
    Zulu UC03 Nov , 2016
  4. Call Recording Reports-Admin Guide

    the file. Deleting a Call Recording You can delete a call recording by clicking the trash button trashicon.png. Click OK in the popup window to confirm deletion. A status message will appear, letting you know the recording has been deleted. filedeleted.png Recording Archives In the Recording Archives tab, you can view
    PBX GUI12 Jun , 2020
  5. Backup and Restore FreePBX 15+

    into this custom file. image2018727153429.png Step 5: Select your notification preferences. If there is no email address notifications will be disabled. Note notifications emails may be filtered as spam by your ISP. If this happens you can typically whitelist the sender email address. image202051915496.png Step 6: Choose
    PBX GUI06 Jul , 2020
  6. Property Manager Configuration

    . Do not delete Property Management directory and groups related to it. The risk is to break everything. If the customer group is deleted then: If empty : Recreate … . Disabling this feature allows checkin to rooms if they are dirty Define the Company details, such as logo, address and email generalcompany.png Below
    PBX GUI17 Apr , 2020
  7. Different Types of Fax Users Explained

    for locations they are an admin user of Auto Delete Can set the auto delete options for any trunk and DID for locations they are an admin user of Emails Can set email alerts for inbound and outbound faxes for any DID for locations they are an admin user of Can also see the alerts and delete alerts that other users
    SIPStation and FAXStation24 Oct , 2016
  8. User Control Panel-Settings

    and email addresses and set recording formats and options. Screen Shot 20130325 at 11.18.05 AM.png Voicemail Password: Specify the password used to access your voicemail account. Note that this password is also used to access the User Control Panel. Email Address: This is the email address that the PBXact will send
    PBX GUI25 Mar , 2013
  9. UCP Voicemail

    :32.png Delete the voicemail message from the system. Folders On the left side are a list of folders that voicemails can be moved to. Clicking on any folder … for our voicemail box. Email Address: Email address if defined where to send voicemails to. Email Attachment: Using the email address above send the voicemail
    PBX GUI13 Feb , 2018

    grep libre /opt/CHAR/checking/ grep o E '09' > /opt/pv1 </opt/pv1