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  1. Sending Email from CLI

    sudo u asterisk mail s test1 myname@ (hit enter) replace myname with email address to send test email to (Type body of message and hit enter) Ctrl D
    PBX Platforms19 Sep , 2013
  2. Checking Email Queue

    SSH into system type the following commands flush all emails type postfix flush To see mail queue type mailq To remove all mail from the queue type postsuper d ALL
    PBX Platforms25 Mar , 2013
  3. Email Smarthost Setup

    hosts. If there is any possibility of removing the outgoing SMTP filter, that should be your primary target. Email is, in itself, extremely fault tolerant … on the Settings page, under the Email tab. gjbmRAY.png
    Deprecated Spaces16 Feb , 2015
  4. How to setup FreePBX to work with Office 365 Exchange Email

    365 Exchange Servers require a few things before an email can be relayed to them. These instructions are a little easier than the old instructions. Using … it, yet) and are willing to disable it. Commercial System Admin module (It has the handy SMTP Email Setup) You have admin account to your Office 365 You know what
    FreePBX Documentation22 Oct , 2019
  5. Click to Call from Outlook 2016 and Office 365 Email

    From within a message, you can click on the Zulu Outlook Addin Button Screen Shot 20161103 at 12.06.48 PM.png Office will parse the whole email and display any phone numbers it finds and from here you can pick which number to dial. At this time Microsoft Office does not let us control how to match phones numbers
    Zulu UC03 Nov , 2016
  6. Deleting Numbers

    the second DID in this example has a green x in the top right hand corner. This means that you can delete this number. DeletingNumbers5.png The first DID in this example is the Master DID set for e911 and can not be deleted. If you wanted this DID deleted, then you would have to switch e911 over to another DID. After you press
    PBX Platforms18 Sep , 2017
  7. Deleting and Restoring Faxes

    Deleting a Fax You can remove any fax from the Inbox, Sent, or Failed folders by moving it to the Deleted folder. This is has a "global" effect. If a user deletes a fax, the fax will show up in the Deleted folder for any users who have access to the associated DID. At this time, you cannot "empty" the Deleted folder
    SIPStation and FAXStation25 Mar , 2016
  8. Email Relay Servers

    PBX Platforms12 May , 2017
  9. Deleting Trunk Group

    at 10.24.44 AM.png From here you can press the Delete button next to the Trunk Group you want to delete Screen Shot 20170413 at 10.24.53 AM.png The default trunk group noted above can never be deleted. Any new DIDs that are purchased will automatically route to this trunk group and if other trunk groups are deleted
    SIPStation and FAXStation13 Apr , 2017
  10. Extensions - Editing or Deleting

    in a table on the Extensions Module landing page. You can click on an action for the extension to edit or delete it. landingpage.png Logging In From the top … the appropriate wiki (Custom, DAHDI, IAX, ChanSIP, or Virtual). Click the Submit button. Click the Apply Config button. Deleting an Extension From the extensions list
    PBX GUI14 Sep , 2015