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  1. Trunks Emails

    that are set up. Screen Shot 20160326 at 12.15.32 PM.png Press the delete icon to delete a Fax to Email notification that has been set up. Screen Shot 20160326 … In the Trunks > Emails section, you can set up email notifications that will be sent whenever a fax is sent or received, on a perDID basis. A single DID can
    SIPStation and FAXStation29 Mar , 2016
  2. Voicemail Notify-FAQ

    the voicemail being deleted after email. This creates a race condition on the voicemail system and the email portion of appvoicemail deletes the new voicemail within … being deleted on the extension after email. VM Notify never calls me after a voicemail is left This usually happens because you are using non FreePBX Distro
    PBX GUI08 Apr , 2016
  3. UCP Contacts

    contacts can have multiple numbers, xmpp, emails and website addresses added to them image2017313 0:1:15.png Numbers: XMPP: Email: Website: Delete Contacts To delete an entire group click the "Delete Group" button image2017312 23:52:39.png After which a confirmation box will pop up. image2017313 0:2:18.png View Contacts
    PBX GUI13 Mar , 2017
  4. NA_Software_License_Key_Management.pdf

    to send the license files as attachments. This field will be prefilled with your email address. You can change it to another email address, or delete it if you … , and include the email address of the person who will do the installation. (You can include multiple email addresses.) An Order Confirmation email will be sent
  5. Dashboard/Email Notifications

    Adding and Removing Dashboard and Nightly email Notifications that show up in the FreePBX Dashboard is extremely easy. First Steps Inside any module simply add … on module update @param bool $candelete If the notification can be deleted by the user on the notifications display page @return int Returns the number
    FreePBX OpenSource Project23 Jun , 2017
  6. Trunks Auto Delete

    In the Trunks > Auto Delete section, you can control how long to keep an archive history of inbound and outbound faxes on a perlocation level or a perDID level. Only Super Users and Fax Admin users can manage Trunk Auto Delete settings. See Different Types of Fax Users Explained. How to Navigate to Trunks > Auto
    SIPStation and FAXStation02 Nov , 2017
  7. 2016-07-18 File Delete - Directory Traversal in Delete in Music on Hold

    SEC2016004 Overview: Directory Traversal in Delete in Music on Hold. Requires Administrative login Discovered By: Douglas Goddard <douglas(dot)gastonguay … delete anything owned by the asterisk user via a directory traversal vulnerability in the hold music deletion feature. This can be accessed from Settings > Music
    FreePBX OpenSource Project25 Jul , 2016
  8. Sending Email

    $mail = FreePBX::Mail(); $mail>setFrom('myscript&','Test Script');//Optional defaults to sysadmin from email or user@host $mail>setSubject("This is a test email"); //optional default: Notification from FreePBX $mail>setTo(array('' => 'James Smith', '')); $body = 'Spicy
    FreePBX OpenSource Project31 May , 2017
  9. How to Manage Email Notifications

    Here you can define different email addresses that the Sangoma Portal will use for sending different types of notifications to you about. Go to the Sangoma … on the binoculars icon Screen Shot 20170607 at 1.31.33 PM.png next to the customer you wish to edit Email Notifications for. Under the General Tab at the bottom
    Sangoma Portal/Store12 Dec , 2018
  10. System Admin - Email Setup

    This feature is for the PRO version of System Admin. Overview In the Email Setup page of System Admin, you can set your SMTP Server information for sending email notifications and voicemail to email. Please note that due to the security settings of some mail servers, such as 1and1, GMail, etc., you may need
    PBX GUI16 Dec , 2015