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  1. How to Claim Support Credits Card

    with the Support Credit Card Number and Verification code. You will need both pieces of information to be able to add the support credits to your organization. Log … of all Support Credits Card that you have claimed. Screen Shot 20180827 at 9.11.43 AM.png grammar
    Sangoma Portal/Store31 Jul , 2019
  2. How Support Credits work with Sangoma Products

    to the Customer that has placed the order with Sangoma and who the Invoice is generated for. On checkout you can choose instead to have a Support Credit Card … and if you are unsure we recommend you pick the Support Credit Card as you can always claim that onto your account later but if you choose to have the Support
    Sangoma Portal/Store10 Sep , 2018
  3. Checkout Process from the Store

    the support credits tied to your organization or to create a Support Credits Card that allows a different organization to claim those support credits. Support Credits … credits portion of the purchase can only be used by you. Create Support Card If you pick this option a Support Credit Card will be created and emailed to you that you
    Sangoma Portal/Store29 Aug , 2018