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  1. Sangoma SmartOffice

    Coming Soon! Overview Sangoma SmartOffice is an easy to use, office automation solution for small to medium businesses that unifies business communications … , communication system and lack the ability to monitor and control their office from a single point or device. SmartOffice: ReThink Access Control Sangoma
    SmartOffice11 Dec , 2019
  2. Sangoma University.pdf

    Sangoma University Scott Beer, Director Training, Sangoma Training.Sangoma.Com • Online Training Videos • Classroom Course Materials • Certification Exam • Classroom Training Events – Both Certified Training Partner Events & Sangoma Events • Training Information 2Copyright © 20082017 Login • Same Login
  3. Sangoma System Release 6.1 for Linux

    Overview Sangoma System Release 6.1 for Linux enables higher density solutions for the JCT Sangoma boards on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Linux, and SuSE … This application note covers a broad range of topics on T1 telephony interfaces, including configuring Sangoma boards for T1 and troubleshooting. T1 Technology
    Dialogic Voice Cards17 Dec , 2019
  4. Sangoma SBC license Installation.pdf

    Sangoma SBC License Installation Thank you for becoming a new member to the Sangoma SBC family. Whether this is your first SBC or upgrading the license limit … incorrect HDD/MAC or USB Key, you must contact Sangoma support to reset F. Navigate to the following website for instructions to upload & Install your new license
  5. Sangoma University Tab

    Sangoma University Training Courses Sangoma University offers a comprehensive selection of both Online and Classroom technical training courses for our partners and customers. Empowering telecom administrators, service integrators, and resellers with the necessary skills and experience to deploy and maintain Sangoma
    Sangoma Portal/Store30 Apr , 2018
  6. Sangoma Labs

    consists of new, introductory products that are being developed at Sangoma and have been launched into the the marketplace. The idea is to quickly test product viability, collect feedback and decide if the product has enough traction to merit further investment and become an official Sangoma Product. While it is our
    Sangoma Labs28 Jun , 2017
  7. Sangoma-Media-Transcoding-API-v114.pdf

    Sangoma Technologies Media Transcoding API v1.1.4 Doc v3 Sangoma Media Transcoding API v1.1.4 November 2, 2010 Document Version 3 1 Sangoma Technologies Media … RTP Session – New............................................. 29 2 Sangoma Technologies Media Transcoding API v1.1.4 Doc v3 SNGTC Media Transcoding Solutions
    Media Transcoding Cards / … / Media Transcoding27 Jan , 2017
  8. Sangoma Diva System Release for Windows

    Overview The Sangoma Diva System Release for Windows enables all Diva® Media Boards and Diva softIP to be used on Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016 systems. Sangoma® Diva® System Release for Windows fully supports all
    Dialogic Voice Cards23 May , 2019
  9. Sangoma s-505 + s-705 - DoC RED + RoHS.pdf

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, Sangoma, declare under our sole responsibility that the sSeries IP phone Consisting of models s505 s705 to which this declaration … The technical file is kept at: Sangoma 100 Renfrew Drive Markham, Ontario L3R 9R6 Canada Markham, 6 August 2019 Jean Galarneau Engineering Manager
    Phones / … / Declarations of Conformity30 Aug , 2019
  10. Sangoma MCU Module

    Commercial Module The Sangoma MCU module gives you a simple way to manage your Sangoma MCU from your FreePBX phone system. When paired with one or more Sangoma MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) devices, the module allows you to route calls from any module in the PBX, such as your IVR, to the Sangoma MCU device. For more
    Deprecated Spaces06 Nov , 2015