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This page describes how to install and use Zulu 3 Softphone/UC client that works with FreePBX and PBXact. Zulu 3 is a completely new version of our Zulu product and is now available.

We appreciate the FreePBX community and Sangoma customers using and purchasing the product, and providing feedback. If you have any specific issues with Zulu, please submit support ticket at  Please check the "Known Issues" list before submitting your issue, to avoid duplicate tickets. We appreciate your feedback and your interest in Zulu, FreePBX, and Sangoma!

Using the Zulu 3 clients requires the installation of Zulu Server 3. Existing Zulu 2 clients will work with the Zulu 3 Server for now. However, to allow us to enable certain new features, eventually all Zulu 2 clients will need to be upgraded to Zulu 3.

Zulu 3 Desktop Client Features

  • NEW Completely Redesigned User Interface
    • Everything revolves around the people you interact with
      • You get the full history of your interactions from calls to chats and even faxes or sms messages.
  • Brand new soft phone which was rewritten from the ground up
  • New chat experience
    • 1 on 1 chat
    • Integrated chat rooms
  • Integrated Presence to know your teams availability
  • NEW Ability to share your screen with other users (Beta feature; currently requires the desktop application to transmit)
  • More features will be added in the future, so please stay tuned. Existing Zulu 3 clients will be automatically notified of updated versions.
  • Client includes a built-in notification when a new version is available for one-click update.

Things to Know:

  • You will need a license to run the Zulu 3 on FreePBX, if you don't already have one. The server is available at no charge, and two free Zulu client user licenses per FreePBX deployment can be obtained from the Sangoma Store located here: (look under FreePBX Systems and Software / Zulu UC). 
  • If you are running PBXact, one Zulu client (extension) per authorized user of the system is included at no charge and can be used for either Zulu 3 or Zulu 2.
  • The client software may be used on several PCs or devices - the license limit is based on client users, not devices. For example, you could use Zulu on your desktop PC and laptop. When Zulu Mobile is released, you can also use it on your Android mobile phone, and iPad – and all devices will work at the same time. There's no need to log out of your desktop to begin using Zulu on your laptop, for example.
  • Your server must have a valid certificate in order for Zulu to work. For more information, please see the Certificate Management User Guide
  • In order to use Push Notifications (to notify your client of certain real-time events such as incoming calls), your system must be able to talk to Sangoma's servers
  • Server and Client Installation:  for info on installing the Zulu 3 Server and Clients, please visit our installation documentation.
  • Zulu Mobile clients for Android and Apple iOS are currently in public beta. More information can be found here. 

Known Issues:

  • Office365 Plugin does not yet work

  • Userman users can not have emails as their username
  • Contacts module need to be enabled for Zulu 3.0 to work properly.
  • In certain networks, it's possible there may be a small audio delay (typically 3-4 seconds) from the time you answer an inbound call until the caller can hear you
  • Screensharing:
    • This feature is currently considered to be in Beta, as it currently has some known issues.  It also requires FreePBX/PBXact 14 or higher.
    • Screensharing will not work in FreePBX/PBXact 13 based systems
    • Screensharing is only supported from the desktop application at this time
    • The screensharing server may occasionally crash. If it does, you may need to restart the Zulu server.

Upgrade and Transition from Zulu 2

  • All users of Zulu 2 can upgrade to Zulu 3 without charge.
  • In conjunction with the release of Zulu 3 UC, Sangoma will cease support for Zulu 2 on or around July 31, 2018. When that occurs, we will update the info on this page.
  • We recommend that existing Zulu 2 customers and users make plans to upgrade their server, and transition users to the Zulu 3 desktop client before that date, as no future releases will be made to version 2. 
  • Presently, the Zulu 3 server supports with both Zulu 2 and 3 desktop clients, to help ease the transition for users from one client to another.
  • However, after July 31, 2018, Sangoma cannot guarantee backward compatibility of the server will be maintained. 
  • Also, to allow the addition of enhanced Zulu features, future Zulu server versions available after July 31 will remove XMPP support that previously allowed Zulu UC to communicate with some other XMPP clients.

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