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The default Zulu Socket Integration ports are used for bi-directional communication between Zulu Plugins such as Outlook, Chomre and Firefox and the Zulu Desktop Application you install on your computer.  They are bound locally to your desktop system and thus are not exposed externally as any plugins you install talk to the Zulu Desktop client on the local address of your machine on the ports below. You should only ever need to change these ports if they are already in use on your Desktop for another program which should never happen but in the event another application on your Desktop is using the same ports below you can change the ports for Zulu.

The ports defined in the Zulu Client for Integration Port needs to match to the same ports you have defined in your plugins.  By default they are set to use 5006 and 5007 at install time and should work for 99.9% of users without changing anything.

The list of ports and their description is listed below:

Zulu Integration PortTCP5006
Zulu Integration Port SSLTCP5007


Change the Ports in the Zulu Client Configuration screen

Change the port in your Plugin Configuration Screen such as Chrome Extension for Zulu.

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