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The following steps illustrate how to register your Vega with FreePBX.
This guide applies to Vega 100/200/400 and Vega FXO

1. Log into your Vega webGUI

2. Log into the Quick Config 
**Any modifications performed in Quick Config will overwrite ALL configuration on the Vega (so if you have made any adjustments in Expert Config, they will be erased!!)

3. Configure Registration details

a. Click on the 'Registration Mode' and select 'Gateway
b. Insert your FreePBX IP address in 'SIP Server IP/Name'
c. Under 'Registration and Authentication ID' and 'Authentication Password' insert the registration credentials that you have assigned (or will assign) for the Vega inside FreePBX.  Remember these credentials as they will be used for FreePBX configuration.
In our example we want to use 'vega' and 'sangoma1' for the password, as follows:


4. Finish configuring your Vega by clicking on the last tab. 
In our example we are using a vega 100G, so we configure the T1/E1 settings by clickin on T1.
For analog Vega, click on FXO tab


The vega will ask you to save your changes and possibly reboot.

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