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What is VEGA Beta Release 13.0?

The VEGA BETA Release 13.0 has three major changes:

  • Support of IPv6 Feature on VEGA
  • VEGA LAN Core Config
  • VEGA  LAN Profiles Services 

Important Note

  • As of Now 13.0 BETA Release supports on both Digital/Analog models except VEGA 4x4 and VEGA BRI models
  • We don't support configuration of Different Options/flags apart from prefix using Auto-configuration of IPv6 via SLAAC/RA
  • We do'not support ENP/FAX/TLS feature on latest 13.0 BETA release

IPv6 Support On VEGA

Before having a look to wards IPv6 support and its respective configuration on VEGA. Lets see What is IPv6 and why it is required?

What is IPv6?

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet

Why IPv6 is required?

IPv6 is an Internet Layer protocol for packet-switched inter-networking and provides end-to-end data-gram transmission across multiple IP networks,

It has multiple advantages lke:

  1.  Larger Address Space
  2.  Multi-casting
  3. Security
  4. Mobility etc.

One can always refer to RFC 4291 for addressing architecture of IPv6

Beta Release 13.0 ensures Ipv6 support on VEGA and once can achieve the same by setting proper IPv6 configuration and explained in LAN core config section explained in next section.

VEGA status page will provide the IPv6 respective information as present/applied on Lan profile related to LAN interface present as shown below:

For detailed information user can always click on LAN Information button as in previous release.

Upgrade to Beta Release 13.0

VEGA Upgrade Process for 13.0 Beta Release

Please find the below steps in order to upgrade VEGA to 13.0

  • Make sure that VEGA has DSP firmware 2.1.17 or one can install the same after vega has been upgraded to 13.0 release
  • Take the backup of current configuration (as whole lan configuration has been changed in 13.0 beta release)
  • Now upgrade the vega as provided in Upgrade section of Firmware Upgrade Wiki
  • Once vega comes up with R13.0 Beta release. Please do factory reset full this is really important from CLI or GUI.

    Please follow below process if user is doing factory reset full from vega GUI:
    If user is doing factory reset full from GUI then, goto CLI option as present within Expert Config then enter factory reset full command and press on Send Button as shown below:

    Now Wait untill the output of factory reset full the output of factory reset full does not appears on to GUI as shown below:

    Once factory reset full command processing is complete now reboot VEGA by clicking on Reboot button on to GUI as shown below:

  • Once vega comes up after factory reset now upload backup existing configuration if required and start using VEGA.

NOTE: It is mandatory to factory reset full vega box if vega is upgraded from 12.0 to 13.0 firmware or degraded from 13.0 to 12.0 firmware.

VEGA LAN Core Config

Implementation till 12.0 Release

Till 12.0 release VEGA LAN Core config is handled within LAN Configuration Section as present within LAN/WAN Section within Expert Config (Configuration → Expert Config → LAN/WAN → LAN Configuration) and LAN Profile section is mainly use to create vlan over LAN interface or create  a combination of Lan interface in case of VEGA with multiple Lan interface present.

VEGA LAN Core config mainly includes:

  • Lan Ip configuration
  • Subnet Configuration
  • Ip DHCP configuration 

VEGA Profile config mainly includes:

  • Vlan Configuration
  • Combination of LAN interface

Please find the below representation as per Release 12.0 for LAN Core and Profile Configuration:

Implementation as per BETA Release 13.0

With Beta Release 13.0, Now VEGA LAN Core config is handled within LAN Profile Section as present within LAN/WAN Section within Expert Config (Configuration → Expert Config → LAN/WAN → LAN Profile) and LAN Configuration section is just to set physical interface related config like lan speed.

VEGA LAN Core config which is now mainly handled within in LAN Profile section mainly includes:

  • Lan Ip configuration
  • Subnet/Prefix Configuration
  • Ip DHCP configuration 
  • Selection of IP protocol (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Vlan

VEGA LAN Configuration mainly includes:

  • Speed of Physical interface i.e. Ethernet port like 10/100/1000 BASE-T/Full Duplex

Please find the below representation as per 13.0 Beta Release:


  1. Depending upon the number of LAN interface present in VEGA, it is not advisable and user has restriction to change few config fields with respect to default LAN profiles present.
    Fields that have restriction is provided below:
    1. Name
    2. LAN Interface
    3. Protocol
    4. VLAN ID

  2. VEGA models with single LAN interface First First 2 LAN Profiles are default LAN Profiles. Where
    1. LAN profiles 1 is form IPv4 configuration on VEGA for LAN Interface 1
    2. LAN Profile 2 is from IPv6 configuration on VEGA for LAN interface 1

Similarly, in case of VEGA models with dual lan interface there are 4 LAN Profiles by default.

VEGA LAN Profile Services

In order to support different services and DHCP options with respect to different as present on VEGA, a New Services section (Configuration → Expert Config → Services) has included in VEGA 13.0 BETA release  in order to provide user ease of configuring lan profiles with respect to different services within a single roof instead of going to each services and search for the same as shown below:

Services Page mainly includes 2 space:

  • User Representation space
  • User config space

User Representation Space

User Representation space mainly represents already present LAN profiles and its respective configuration on VEGA as shown in below image:

User Config Space

User Config space mainly allow user to select different lan profiles over which different services works  on VEGA. This space is sub-divided in to two areas:

  1. Server Profile Configuration
  2. DHCP Options Profile Configurations

Server Profile Configuration

Server Profile Configuration section mainly displays list of services for which VEGA act as a server i.e. VEGA is responsible for opening of sockets on which connection is establish by clients and allow user to configure its respective lan profile on which sockets will get open for connection.

Some of these services are:

  • SSH
  • Webserver (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • SIP
  • SNMP etc.

Below is the image of the Server Profile Configuration as present in Beta Release 13.0:


User can select more than one lan profile or all lan profile

DHCP Options Profile Configurations

DHCP Options Profile Configuration section mainly displays list of services for which VEGA gets reply from DHCP server and allow user to config its respective lan profile which is responsible for sending request to its respective DHCP server and responsible for setting config as present in response from DHCP server of that particular lan profile.

Some of them these services are:

  1. DNS
  2. HTTP
  3. FTP
  5. NTP etc.

Below is the image of the DHCP Options Profile Configuration as present in Beta Release 13.0:



  • User can not select more than one lan profile
  • User can disable to get any response from DHCP server for a particular services by selecting None lan profile

13.0 Beta Release

The link below contains the latest software for the 13.0 Beta Release  testing program. One can also download the same from VEGA Firmware Download Page.

Though this software has been tested it may not be suitable for deployment in production scenarios. If you wish to deploy please contact us and we can discuss your application and suitability.

If you have any problems or queries about the Beta testing program please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

Latest Release

The latest release can be found here.

For Analog Models:

For Digital Models:

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