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The following information will guide you to upgrade the firmware on your Vega appliance.
The firmware update instructions apply to all Vega Gateway models and firmware versions.
The DSP firmware update instructions apply to only Vega firmware 11.1 and higher.

Review current Vega Version

  • Determine the firmware version of your Vega Appliance
    • version can be found from the home page after logging in to the Vega

Download Vega Firmware Release


Upgrade Vega Firmware via GUI

  • Download the firmware for your Vega from the chart in step 2 to a location of your choice

  • Unzip the file downloaded and extract the.absfile(i.e. VEGAEURO_RO88S025.abs). For Vega200G extracted file is.bin. 
    The .abs/.bin file is the actual firmware file that will be used.

  • Navigate to the Vega homepage via a web browser of your choice.  Then click on "system" located under "Expert Config" on the left panel

  • Click on the "Update" button located underneath the Upgrade section

    A window will pop up asking to backup your current system configuration. Click the 'OK' button and save to a location of your choice.  You will now be returned to the main window.  Then click on the 'Upgrade' button once more, which will bring you back to the Window below.  Select 'Cancel' (since you have already saved your configuration).:

  • Browse for the firmware file that you have saved from Step 3 and upload ( i.e.VEGAEURO_R088S025.abs) then click on the "Download" button:

    Once the upgrade process is complete, the Vega gateway will reboot itself:


  • Please do not forget to factory reset the Vega after performing the firmware update



Upgrade DSP if required

  • After the upgrade the system may prompt for a DSP upgrade. In this case please follow the instructions on the DSP Upgrade Page


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