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The following enables Emergency calling through the FXO port(s) 

***Please remember that the below changes inside ‘Basic Config’ of the Vega Webgui will  overwrite any settings/changes done in ‘Expert Config’.
If your vega is heavily modified within Expert Config, you will need to make these changes directly in Expert Config.

For Emergency calling, as seen in the diagram below (which is the “Basic Config” tab from the WebGUI quick config) the Vega has default numbers already inserted as dedicated emergency numbers. Since 911 is already present no need to adjust.

Next step is to indicate the FXO port(s) for Emergency calling (whether the call comes from a SIP endpoint or an FXS extension)
Simply click on the checkbox under  ‘Handle Emergency Calls’ for the specific FXO port you wish to dedicate.

What the above has done is create a dialplan routing rule to take care of emergency calls.
In ‘Expoert Config’, click on ‘Dialplan’. You will notice the extra diaplan called ‘Emergency_Call_Handling’

Clicking on ‘Modify’ for this dialplan we can see what this dialplan does:

The first line says that any calls that come from any FXS or  FXO port, that called the emergency number (i.e. 911) go to the SIP local loopback on the Vega.
The second line says any calls that come from SIP (which would be the previous call to sip local loopback), who dialed emergency (i.e911), call out through the 1997 Call presentation Group and dial 911.


The Call presentation Group 1997 will group the FXO port(s) you specified to handle Emergency Call in the Quick Config.
In our example we selected only FXO port 1, which is why you see only 0201 (FXO port 1) as part of 1997

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