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  1. Overview - Annually renewed support contract. Required to be purchased from Day 1, if renewed later this is calculated from date of purchase
  2. Products Covered
    1. FreePBX Systems
    2. PBXact UC in software or pre-loaded in Sangoma appliances
    3. Vega Enterprise Gateways
    4. Session Border Controller (SBC)
    5. NetBorder SS7 Gateway Appliances and Software
    6. NetBorder Voice Gateways
    7. Dialogic IMG and DMG Gateways
    8. Dialogic DNI, CG, Diva and JCT Boards

  3. SLA - 9x5 Regional Business Hours Support Access as defined in Standard Gold SLA here Service Level Agreement
  4. Technical Support Services - Access to Technical Support Services as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies
    1. Not Provided on FreePBX Products or Support Contracts.  All Technical Support for FreePBX is handled as Professional Support Services and uses Support Credits.
  5. Professional Support Services - Access to Support Services as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies. Support Credits included in yearly renewal for your organization as outlined below
    1. FreePBX – 60 Credits
    2. PBXact UC – 30 Credits
    3. Vega Gateways – 30 CreditsSession Border Controller (SBC) – 30 Credits
    4. NetBorder SS7 Gateway Appliances and Software – 30 Credits
    5. NetBorder Voice Gateways – 30 Credits
    6. Dialogic DMG Gateways – 30 Credits

    7. Dialogic IMG Gateways – 60 Credits

    8. Dialogic DNI, CG, Diva and JCT Boards – 30 Credits

    9. All other non-defined products – 30 Credits
  6. Upgrades - Access to upgrades and new releases as released.
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