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Looking for FAXStation info?

This wiki is for fax services that use our SIPStation unlimited two-way trunks. For information on our new fax trunk services (FAXStation), please see the FAXStation wiki.

Does SIPStation support T.38 faxing?

Yes, SIPStation offers Fax over IP (FoIP) using the T.38 fax relay for SIP trunking customers. T.38 specifies a protocol for real-time transmission of fax over IP networks. Faxing in SIPStation is always done on a best-effort basis, and SIP/VoIP has plenty of known issues with faxing, so you will want to test it to make sure it works for you. We recommend that you confirm the quality is acceptable before porting an existing fax number to SIPStation.

Does SIPStation support T.38 Inbound?

Yes, all of our SIPStation DIDs are T.38-enabled for inbound faxing. There are no additional charges for receiving inbound faxes.

Does SIPStation support T.38 Outbound?

Yes, we offer a full outbound T.38 service. Unlike with some other service providers, SIPStation actually takes your T.38 call and sends it to our fax processing server, which converts T.38 to standard analog fax and sends it out over actual copper PRIs. This helps increase the reliability of outbound faxing.

Outbound faxing in SIPStation is a prepaid metered service that incurs a per-minute fee. Enabling outbound faxing automatically enables Top-Ups.

For more information on how the T.38 service works, how to sign up, and the cost associated with it, please view our wiki "Outbound T38 Faxing."


What is the difference between SIPStation T.38 faxing and FAXStation?

SIPStation faxing uses the T.38 protocol, while FAXStation does not.

SIPStation unlimited 2-way trunks have both voice and T.38 fax capability. FAXStation fax trunks are only for fax, and they use a proprietary FoIP mechanism that virtually guarantees reliable fax transmission. FAXStation is an advanced Fax-over-IP (FoIP) solution capable of handling all internet connection types, including satellite and cellular networks.

FAXStation is part of the SIPStation web site. You do not need to have SIPStation trunks in order to have FAXStation trunks; you can have one or the other, or both. You can manage your account and purchase services, for both SIPStation unlimited 2-way trunks and for FAXStation fax trunks, at