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When you log into the SIPStation Store and visit the "Account Overview" section, you will have a sub-menu called "Organization Information". An organization is the business entity that all your locations belong to. It can be considered the "master" account information. Any changes to the Organization Settings affect all locations. The organization settings in SIPStation are the same as what you set up or edit inside the Sangoma Portal, so any changes you make to Organization Settings in either SIPStation or the Portal are shared between both web sites.


Any Sub-Account (location user) that you add to your Organization will have access to view and manage all of your locations. If you do not wish to give your individual locations the ability to see each other, then you will want to keep them on separate accounts.

Updating Organization Information From Within SIPStation


  1. Log into the SIPStation Store.
  2. Click "Account Overview", then "Organization Information"

  3. You can set the following information:
    1. Organization Name: This is the organization or company name that owns this account. This name will appear on all monthly invoices along with the Location Name.
    2. Primary Contact: Here you can pick the primary contact for this organization. All users that belong to your organization will be displayed in this drop-down menu.
    3. Phone: Main contact number for us to reach you at.
    4. Fax: Optional Fax number.
    5. Billing Address: Address that should appear on your invoices and statements.
    6. Notification Email: The e-mail address where you would like to receive important account information such as failed credit card or abuse notifications. We will also send the same notifications to any contacts listed under each location as defined in the "Location Information" tab.

  4. Click the Update Organization button at the bottom when finished editing.