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A location in SIPStation can also be thought of as a sub-account. Locations are unique entities in that each location has its own billing cycle and credit card for payment. It has its own trunks, DIDs, and SIP username and password. The location shares the same master organization information such as company name. Any users who can log into the master organization can also log in under the additional locations.

Any Sub-Account (location user) that you add to your organization will have access to view and manage all of your locations. If you do not wish to give your individual locations the ability to see each other, then you will want to keep them on separate SIPStation accounts.


  • When you log into the SIPStation Store, at the top you will see a grey bar informing you of what location you are currently managing. This means any account changes made, such as DID or trunk purchases, will only be associated with this location. The credit card on file is only for this location.


  • If you click on "Account Overview" and then click the "Locations" option, you can see a list of all locations within your account. If you select the "Log In" button, it will switch your current logged in account to that location for service management under that location specifically.


  • You can edit the location to update the following details:

    • Location Name- This should be a simple name for reference of this location. This is the name that will be displayed in the blue location bar at the top. It will also be displayed on your monthly statements along with the Company Name as defined under the global Organization Information tab.
    • Description- This is an internal-only field that you can use to expand on this Location Name. It is only shown in the store for your reference purposes to help describe the location.
    • Address Info- This is the address associated with this location account. This address is mostly for informational purposes, as your monthly statement will include the address for your Organization, not for the location.
    • Location Contacts- These are contacts who will receive notifications such as failed credit transaction alerts. At this time, this information can only be edited via the Portal.