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Product Overview

Sangoma SmartOffice is an easy to use, office automation solution for small to medium businesses that unifies business communications with smart access, security, monitoring, analytics and alerting.
Re-think Access control and Guest access using modern IoT and Wireless technologies, controlled and operated via simple Mobile app.

Control your office doors with your SmartOffice mobile app!

Businesses need to communicate and the need to open doors! 

Access control solutions are expensive and hard to install

  • Business access and security solutions are fragmented, expensive, often limited and hard to install. Business owners must hire staff to maintain and operate separate independent systems such as access control, security, guest access, communication system and lack the ability to monitor and control their office from a single point or device.

SmartOffice: Re-Think Access Control

  • Sangoma SmartOffice is an easy to use, all-in-one office automation solution for small to medium businesses that unifies mobile access with access control, analytics, communications, security monitoring and alerting. Sangoma SmartOffice allows business owners to control and monitor access to their place of work from their mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Innovate by unifying Communications and Access

  • Sangoma SmartOffice software has been integrated into Sangoma Business Communication System, FreePBX and PBXact, with SwitchVox to follow, and allows new and existing business customers to extend and leverage their UC platform to control access to their doors and monitor office activity, occupancy and security all from the convenience of their smartphone.

What Makes SmartOffice Different

Sangoma SmartOffice is taking a step further - IoT + Wireless + Mobile!

No Wires

  • Leverage existing LAN, IoT and Wireless technologies to reduce the need to install dedicated access control network. 
    Reduce install cost: by a lot!

No Door Readers

  • Readers per door are expensive
  • Readers are potential security risk as they reside outside the premises
  • They are a primary target of every access control hack or attack! 

No Centralized Controller

    • SmartOffice is part of the existing Sangoma Premise PBX
    • No controller, battery, enclosure is require

Mobile Control and Credentials

    • SmartOffice app is used to open doors, arm zones or administer the platform
    • No key cards or fobs to loose or forget
    • It’s hard to forget a mobile phone at home these days!

Reuse Existing Door Strikes or Mag Locks

    • If you are already using a legacy Access Control system its super easy to upgrade to SmartOffice!

SmartOffice Advantages

Advantages for administrators

Advantages for staff

  • Simple User Management
    • Manage users with web interface instead of physical FOBs and badges
    • Instant on boarding and off-boarding of employees

  • Simple low cost installation and DIY
    • Reuse existing LAN or Wireless networks

  • No need for an external readers for each door
    • Drastically reduce wiring costs 

  • Hardened Security
    • Easily revoke credentials 
    • Automate off boarding: never forget to deactivate a badge
    • Two factor authentication instead of username and password

  • Analytics, Alert and Reporting
    • Audit and usage reporting and analytics from a browser or mobile

Convenience and Simplicity: Click to open door!

  • Only one device to manage

  • Hard to forget your mobile, easy to forget a key card
    • Fobs and Cards are easy to misplace or break

  • Friction-less access
    • Walk right in without needing to open the app

SmartOffice  Solution

Sangoma Cloud

  • Service registration and discovery
  • Auto domain and SSL generation and configuration
  • Facilitate One click login via mobile deep link

SmartOffice Server

  • FreePBX/PBXact SmartOffice Module
  • SmartOffice server runs in the PBX System
  • Brains of the SmartOffice automation 
  • Leverage PBX Users and Groups to define permissions
  • Controls all gateways, devices, sensors, locks and cameras
  • Flows, Logic, Notifications, Reports and Alerts

SmartOffice Mobile app

  • Administrators control and administer the SmartOffice
  • Users Open doors via click

SmartOffice Gateway

  • IoT Wireless to LAN gateway
  • Connects IoT devices, sensors and locks to SmartOffice Server

Sangoma IO Gateway 

  • Control and monitor traditional door strikes and mag locks
  • Re-use your existing Access control infrastructure

IoT Devices and Sensors

  • Wireless Locks, Sensors, Controllers

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