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Instructions on how to get started with Sangoma VM SBC


The Wiki download page contains the latest Sangoma SBC ISO.

It is recommended that customers download the latest Sangoma SBC ISO.
Only use the older versions if you are already in production and need to remain on the old version.

Please download the latest Sangoma ISO onto your system.

Sangoma SBC VM License

Sangoma Sales will provide you with a: License Key.  If you purchased your license from the Sangoma Portal, the License Key will be on the invoice once processed.

You will use this key to generate SBC License File and upload it to the Sangoma SBC GUI
If you do not have the Sangoma SBC License Key please contact Sangoma Sales.

SBC VM Installation

Download Sangoma SBC ISO

Install Sangoma ISO on VM of choice.  For WMWare users configure the VM to be ESXi 6.0 compatible. 

  • Follow the ISO installation instructions.
  • Next Step is to Log into the Sangoma SBC GUI

Default WebGUI Login

  • http:// <ip  of VM box >
  • User: root
  • Pass: < specify the password you used during install>

License File Generation

Once you have logged into the Sangoma SBC GUI.
One of the first steps is to install the correct license.

In order to generate the Sangoma SBC license file, you need the License Key.

Refer  to License Key section above.

Step by Step Instructions

  • To determine your VM eth0 mac address:
    • Navigate to Sangoma SBC GUI
    • Login
    • Click on Help -> About
    • The About page contains System Information table.
      • This table will contain the MAC address of your eth0 device.
  • Once you have filled out the MAC address and the Key
    • Click generate a license
  • Download License to your computer.
  • Apply Sangoma SBC License
  • Navigate to Sangoma SBC GUI
    • Login
    • Click on System -> License
    • Click on Upload
    • Select downloaded license file

At this point you will be ready to use the SBC.

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