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The purpose of rate limiting is to prevent an host from sending too many SIP requests. 

    • This can help prevent a DOS type attack where an IP sends many SIP requests in all at once.
    • If the limit is reached the host will be blocked in the kernel for the length of the period.

SIP Rate Limiting Configuration

Navigate via WebGUI to Configuration->Signalling->SIP Profiles then select the SIP profile you wish to configure the rule on. 
Once in the profile click Add under the SIP Limits Rules section.

Sangoma SBC SIP Rate Limit

  • Select the SIP method you would like to limit and the host you would like to limit.
    • The keyword “ANY” will apply the limit rule to all IPs.
  • Next select how many of these methods can be received during the period you specify.
    • In the example below 10 OPTIONS can be received in a 60 second period.
    • If this limit is exceeded all traffic from the host will be blocked for the period of 60 seconds.

Sangoma SBC SIP Rate Limiting

  • Once the rule is added it will appear as shown below in the table.

Sangoma SBC SIP Rate Limit Rules

SIP Rate Limiting Configuration Apply

After SIP Rate Limiting rules configuration is done, the “Configuration Modified” notification will turn red, indicating that configuration must be applied.

  • To apply the rule click on Configuration Modified to review configuration changes.
  • The proceed to apply the rule click Apply & Restart or Apply & Reload.

Sangoma SBC SIP rate limit apply

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