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SIP Domain Overview

Domains are also known as “Realms” within SIP networks.

A domain, or a SIP realm, is a component within SIP which is used to authenticate users within the SIP registration process.
Domain profiles are used to define the way users will authenticate with the SBC.

    • Local authentication is used when users will register with the SBC.
    • Upper registration is used when users will register to a softswitch or a IP-PBX through a SBC.
      This enables topology hiding so that no one outside of the corporate network knows about the equipment sitting behind the SBC.

Domains are not strictly needed. 
If you are not using SIP registrations or are using IP authentication, you will not require a domain profile.

SIP Domain Configuration

Add a SIP domain by going to “Configuration -> Signaling -> Domains

Sangoma SBC Domain Add

All you need to provide to add a domain is the domain name, which should be a FQDN string (ie

The system will then prompt you to select whether you want to enable “Forward Registration / Authentication”. If you want NSC to handle authentication of SIP requests (ie REGISTERINVITE) using the local user database, you must choose “Disable”. If you plan to forward authentication to a third-party server (ie a registrar server or PBX) you must select “Enable” and provide the information of the third-party server that will handle authentication of those SIP requests.

Sangoma SBC Domain Configuration

If you wish to create SIP accounts (users) you can click the “Add” button in the domain edit page.

Sangoma SBC Domain Add User

  • You can create as many domains as you want.
  • Later you can “Bind” a domain to one or more SIP profiles.
  • See the SIP profile configuration for details.
Note that the directory of users for that domain will only be valid when using a SIP profile that is bound to that domain.


Catch All Upper Registration Domain

Create domain with domain name as "*" which acts as wildcard to accept all the domains in upper registration scenario.

Bind this special domain to sip profile which accepts upper registration request.

Note: If none of the domains which are bind to sip profile matches then this special domain is checked.

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