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Sangoma SBC Appliances

By default Sangoma SBC appliances comes with a valid SBC license as per product SKU number.

This section can be skipped unless upgrading capacity with a new License file.

Sangoma SBC VM & VM Hybrid License

VM and VM Hybrid SBC software is shipped, with no License.
Sangoma Sales will send you an appropriate SBC License file based on product SKU number.
The license will have to be updated as per instructions below.
For more detailed information, refer to: SBC Licensing and Installation


License Update

License installation and update is done from the menu “System -> License”. 
Even if the license is already installed, you can upload a new license or verify your current license details there.

If you want to install the license for the first time or update to a new license, 

  • click“Choose File” and upload the.tar.gz license file provided by Sangoma. Then click “Upload”.
  • After uploading the license you will see the details of the uploaded license.



In this example, the license has a limit of 500 sessions
Different vendors have a different concept of what a “session” is. 
With Sangoma SBC things are much simpler. One session is one call. 

Sangoma’s NetBorder Session Controller do not require extra licensing for registered peers (SIPREGISTER message), SIP trunks or any other SIP entity.

In case of upgrades, of expansions please contact Sangoma Sales.

To update SBC license

  • Select License from side/top Configuration Menu
  • Obtain SBC License from Sangoma Support
  • Upload the License into the SBC Gateway via the Upload Button



The License page offers the detailed license overview.

License VariablesDescription
NameCustomer Name
EmailCustomer Email
ProductProduct Name
Max-SessionsMaximum number of SIP sessions
HD-SerialSystem’s Hard Drive serial. 
License code checks the HDD serial and confirmes if Serial is correct.
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