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Thank you for becoming a new member to the Sangoma SBC family.  Whether this is your first SBC or upgrading the license limit on your production SBC, the information below will guide you through the procedure of installing your new license.

Your Example SBC license key is:   b8u9k37gn65    <
------example only


A.    Before you begin you need two pieces of information

       1)     HDD Serial List (SBC appliance: NetBorder/Vega)

       2)     Mac Address ( Software SBC with external DSP hardware: Hybrid SBC)
       3)     SBC license key:   b8u9k37gn6o  (example)


B.    How to obtain your HDD Serial List

       1)     SSH into the SBC, use Putty, or WebSSH (avail Rel 2.2) 
               hdparm -i /dev/sda

                Copy the SerialNo:           OW140609AS1400490  (example)


C.     Using a browser of your choice, navigate to the following website to create your license package:


D.   Insert the needed Information on the webpage
       1)     User Key – Enter the provided License Key
       2)     HDD Serial List (SBC appliance: NetBorder/Vega)
        Mac Address ( Software SBC with external DSP hardware: Hybrid SBC)


E.    Click the “Submit” button

       This will provide you with the download to the license package (.tgz file)
       Note: If you have entered incorrect HDD/MAC or USB Key, you must contact Sangoma support to reset

F.    Navigate to the following website for instructions to upload & Install your new license package to your SBC


If you require support, you may contact support by creating a support request at
Please have your SBC serial number and Support contract information handy when submitting a request.  This will help Sangoma Engineers prioritize your request. If you do not currently have a support contract with Sangoma, please contact sales at for inquiry. 

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