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The purpose of the IP Firewall is to block all services on the SBC except the ones in the list of allowed services. 
This helps secure the unit as only the defined services will be allowed.

IP Firewall has three sections

  • Open Port
  • Blocked IP
  • Port Forward



  • Add a firewall rule
  • Apply configuration by clicking the Configure on the top bar
  • Enable IP Firewall in Overview -> Control Panel section


Open Port

This section controlls which  SBC Services (ie. IP Ports) are allowed to be exposed to the External networks.
By default, number of standard services are enabled:

  • SSH Console (Port 22)
  • Web Access (HTTP,HTTPS)
  • Configured SIP Profiles IP/Port information


All SIP Profile and Trunk IP/Port information will be automatically added to the IP Firewall Open Ports section.
There is no need to manually configure SIP and RTP ports defined in the SIP Profile section. 



Blocked IP

This section controls the Blacklisted IP and Ports to the SBC.

Port Forward

This section exposes the internal IP services to the Extenral networks.

Use Case

  • IP and Port of the internal TFTP or FTP server.   
  • External IP Phones can point to the SBC IP address, and be able to access internal TFTP provisioning servers.



IP Firewall Service Control Panel

Enable the firewall by going to Overview->Control Panel then click Start next to the IP Firewall.



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