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Sangoma SBC uses a modern WebGUI for configuration, operation, troubleshooting and management.
Other vendors use complex CLI and text based interfaces

Documentation built in

  • Along with a standard user manual, Sangoma SBC documentation is embedded in the GUI.
  • Each GUI field has a help button to display the function and feature of the field.

Dashboard Stats

  • View SBC Traffic and capacity on single page.
  • View call statistics (CDR) and error statistics (RTCP) from the GUI
  • Ability to search and identify bad quality calls and pre-empt the customer call

Monitoring and Notifications

Email notifications on all SBC metrics

  • Error messages
  • Voice Quality
  • System Thresholds
  • Capacity Thresholds


  • Sangoma SBC’s provide  RESTfull Web API for automatic easy provisioning.
  • A third party SoftSwitch or application can easily view SBC configuration via Web API’s.

VI in the Browser

  • For advanced users, Sangoma Web GUI offers vi editor in browser for rapid routing rule editing and development.
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