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  • Console access via ssh
  • Console accessviacommportserial
  • Shell Commands via WebUI – Command Execution
  • Gateway CLI Commands via WebUI – Command Execution
  • Operating systemisLinux based. Therefore Linux expertise is mandatory.


Working in shell is very powerful and flexible, but also dangerous
A system can be corrupted, formatted, erased if user makes a mistake.

Connect via SSH

Use default SSH clients on any desktop

  • Windows – putty
  • Linux – native ssh


On login prompt 

  • Username: root
  • Password: < your custom password >



Connect via USB Serial

  • USB to Serial cable
    • Use supplied usbtoserial cable
  • Configure Terminal Client on Laptop
    • Windows HyperTerminal
    • Linux –mincomm
  • Serial Settings
    • 115200, N, 8, 1 vt100
  • Press enter a few times until a login prompt appears.
    • Loginvia: username: root, password:sangoma 

Bash Shell

Once successfully logged into the system, either via sshorusb serial, user will be offered a bash prompt.

  • SBC system is based on Linux
  • The initial console after login will be a bash shell

System Commands

System commands are based on Linux operating systems. 
Listed here aresomemost useful debugging commands.

  • tcpdump
    • Provides network capture to a pcap file
    • Can be analyzed usingwiresharkon Desktop or Laptop.
  • ethtool
    • Provides detail network interface information, like Ethernet link status.
    • Run:ethtool for all the options
    • Eg: ethtool eth0 – show Ethernet status
  • Ifconfig
    • Network interface statistics tool
    • Shows error counters on Ethernet and TDM interfaces.
    • Notice the error and overrun counters onwanpipew1g1 interfaces.
  • nsc_cli
  • Provides SBC CLI

Refer to the appendix for all System Commands


SBC CLI – nsc_cli

  • First log into the System Console (bash)
  • Once on bash prompt: run
    • nsc_cli


The SBC gateway must be running and started in Control Panel.


Command Description

statusShows SBC Status
showchannelsList all active calls
log[debug, error,crit]Set log level to debugloglevelcritical
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