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The Queue widget displays all statistics for the queue.


  • Total Calls- The total number of calls that have entered the queue.
  • Completed- The number of calls that were answered by agents.
  • Abandoned- The number of calls that entered the queue but hungup or were transferred away before being picked up by an agent.
  • Max Calls- The maximum number of calls the queue can contain.
  • Strategy- The ring strategy of the queue that determines how calls are distributed to the agents.
  • Average Hold Time- The average time calls have been waiting in the queue before being picked up by an agent.
  • Average Talk Time- The average time agents spend on the phone talking with calls taken from the queue.
  • Service Level- The ideal maximum number of seconds that calls in the queue should be on hold before being picked up by an agent. Effects the value of "Service Level Pref."
  • Service Level Pref- The percentage of calls that have been picked up withing the time specified by the "Service Level."
  • Weight- Specifies the weight of the queue. If calls are waiting in multiple queues, the calls with the highest weight will be given to agents first.
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