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  • Your custom OEM Branding is setup through our license server and gets automatically licensed onto all your FreePBX Activations once the OEM process has been completed.
    • Anytime you now activate a new system following our normal activation steps below your Deployment will be setup with the licensing for your OEM brand and the GUI will change to your OEM brand

  • Log into your PBX GUI.

  • Navigate to the System Admin module:
    1. In the top menu go to Admin.
    2. In the drop-down menu go to System Admin.

  • Click on Activation in the menu at the right.

  • Click on the Activate button.

  • Enter in your email address that you use for the Portal. Once you’ve entered your address, press the “Check” button.
    • This email has to be a user associated with your organization that you purchased the OEM agreement under or it wont activate with your OEM since the OEM license is tied to your organization only.

  • The system will detect this address is tied to an existing Portal account and prompt you to enter your password. Once you have your password filled in, press the “Next” button.

  • You can then choose to edit or add your personal Portal information. When finished, press “Next.”

  • From here, you’ll be asked if this is a new activation. Since you don’t have an existing Deployment ID, then you’ll be looking at the first option, New Activation. All you need to do is give this deployment a "friendly" name to help you differentiate between your different systems when using the Portal to buy products. Then press the “Activate” button.
  • You’ll notice the activation process is now installing and after about 5-10 seconds this process will be complete and your GUI should be updated.
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