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If you require faxing for your day to day operations, we do not recommend using the built in FAX support of PBXact Cloud to send and receive faxes. Because of the nature of VoIP networks, sending faxes is very error prone and leads to constant retries and loss of productivity for your employees.

If you are used to send, receive and manage faxes using UCP or Zulu (enabled by the FAX Pro module) for premised based PBXact systems, this feature is not present in our cloud offering.


Sangoma offers a fail safe IP-Fax solution called FAXStation that bypasses all the issues for T.38 protocol that is used in VoIP network. We recommend using this service if you must send and receive faxes for your day to day operations.

FAXStation allows you to:

  • Re-use of existing fax machines with the use of a Sangoma FAX gateway
  • Dedicate DID numbers for your fax machines
  • Allow you to port existing fax numbers to our service so you so not have to change numbers
  • Provides a web portal for you to manage your faxes - inbound, outbound, archive, email alerts, fax to emails, etc.

For more details about the FAXStation service, please visit

You can order FAXStation service as companion option to our Cloud PBXact solution, directly from the portal at

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