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  1. Once you log in to your PBXact Cloud account, you should see a screen like this. You can update your numbers from 2 different locations labeled below with arrows.

  2. By clicking on either area, you will brought to the same page which displays all of your numbers.

  3. Notice the second DID in this example has a green x in the top right hand corner. This means that you can delete this number.

    The first DID in this example is the Master DID set for e911 and can not be deleted. If you wanted this DID deleted, then you would have to switch e911 over to another DID.

  4. After you press the green x to delete, you will be prompted with a confirmation window asking if you are sure you want to delete this DID from your account. If you are positive you want to delete this DID, then press the Accept button. Otherwise press Close to exit.
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