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  • You will first need to have made a purchase for the FPBX to PBXact conversion for your FreePBX Appliance system from the Sangoma Portal or a Authorized Sangoma Distributor or Partner.
    • Once this purchase has been made and confirmation the order was processed you can proceed to the steps below
  • The conversion process requires your FreePBX Appliance to be on version 10.13.66-18 or newer or errors and failures will happen.
    • Review this wiki to verify your current version and update if need be before proceeding below.  FreePBX-Distro-10.13.66

  • SSH to your PBX and login with the root user and update the license file with the command below.
    • fwconsole sa u
[root@uc-85436011 ~]# fwconsole sa u
Updating license for 85436011
  • The update process will install additional RPMs, and make the necessary changes to the GUI behind the scenes. The end result is a complete new PBXact system.  This process takes about 3-4 minutes.  


  • When completed you can run the following End of Line testing and all checks should come back Passed.  If you have any failed checks wait 5 minutes and run again.  If you still have failed checks please open a support ticket here.

fwconsole sa eol

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