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The Sangoma EXP150 Expansion Module is used to extend the functionality of Sangoma D-Series Phones by providing programmable hard keys to be used for things like BLF (Busy Lamp Field), speed-dial, call transfer, extensions..etc. This allows users to deliver single-button access to contacts / extension. The EXP150 can be physically attached to the Sangoma phone, or can standalone beside the phone.  Connect up to 6 EXP150 units to add up to 240 programmable keys.

Supported Phones

The EXP150 Expansion Module is supported on Sangoma D65 IP Phones.

Included Contents

Expansion Module

Connecting Brackets with screws (x2)


Up-link Ethernet Cable

Connecting Plate

North American Type A Power Adaptor (Included)

Physical Overview


  1. Hard Keys: 20 programmable with dual-color (Red or Green) display
  2. LCD Display: 5-inch graphical, backlit full-color 480 x 800 pixels
  3. Paging keys: Navigate between 2 pages


  1. Serialization Label
  2. Stand rail-mounting points
  3. Power connector (DC 5 V, 1.2A tip positive) - Connect power supply
  4. Uplink Port - To connect EXP150 to host phone using supplied Ethernet cable
  5. Downlink Port - To connect additional EXP150 modules and provide PC pass-through
  6. 4 x Screw Holes - To attach additional EXP150 modules using connecting brackets


The following Instructions describe how to attach the EXP150 directly to the Sangoma Phone.

Attach EXP150M Stand to Phone Stand

  1. Remove the handset from your Sangoma Phone
  2. Remove the power cable (if used) and Ethernet cable from the phone
  3. Remove the stand from the Sangoma phone
  4. Lay the Sangoma phone face up on a smooth, flat surface
  5. Slide the Connecting Plate onto the Sangoma phone stand and the EXP150 stand, ensuring that the plate is fully inserted, all the way down onto the stands, as such:

Mount EXP150M and Phone on Stands

  1. Slide the EXP150M's rear-stand rails onto its stand
  2. Slide the Sangoma phone's rear stand-rails onto its stand
  3. The finished product will look like similar to the following:

Attach additional EXP150M units together (optional)

If more than one EXP150M unit is to be used follow these instructions.

  1. Slide the additional EXP150M units onto their desk stands (this must be done before proceeding to step 2)
  2. Use the Connecting Brackets with screws to attach together multiple EXP150M units
  3. Attached units will look like

Note that when using multiple EXP150M units, still, only a single Connecting Plate is employed, by the unit closest to the Sangoma phone.

Connect EXP150M uplink cable

  1. On the back of the EXP150M, connect its uplink Ethernet port, using the supplied Ethernet cable, to the Sangoma phone's PC port 

Connect EXP150M downlink cable (optional)

  1. If additional EXP150M units are in use, connect the supplied Ethernet cable from the additional units' uplink ports to the downlink port of the upstream unit as such:
  2. The downlink port may also function as a PC pass-through port

Connect Power to EXP150M and Sangoma Phone

  1. Connect the supplied 5V DC power supply to each EXP150M unit and power-on your Sangoma phone (Ethernet+POE or Ethernet + 5VDC using the phone's power supply)

Next Steps

The EXP150M will not be fully usable until it is configured from Switchvox or via the phone's Smart BLF items configuration sheets.  For questions about this, please refer to your Switchvox administrator, or see the Smart BLF documentation.

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