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Phone Firmware Downloads

Sangoma DECT Phone firmware releases are made available via EPM on Sangoma's firmware server and are also available as tarballs at the following download location:

Firmware Releases and Changes

Base Station version 0450 build 0006
Handset version version 0450 build 0005

July 23, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:
    • Address issue with on-hold noise when using G.711 codec
    • Correct failure to support 1500 byte frames
    • Correct failure to properly utilize phone lock pin
    • Correct occasional failure to provide ringtone on first call
    • Correct occasional handset reset when excessively toggling speakerphone
    • Properly update Session-Expire header when receiving a 422 message
    • Correct failure to register using TLS if socket could not be connected after 10+ minutes
  • New Features:
    • Add support for TLS v1.2 client signaling
    • Provide reboot history
  • Improvements:
    • Provide warning in base station not to power the unit off during firmware update
    • Improve microphone frequency response across handsets
MD5 Sums
  • 860cb71329723e9d6a1df03491d900f5 9430_v0450_b0006.fwu 
  • 4e812d7c55250d4838a09d07e3ae521f 8430_v0450_b0005.fwu

Base Station version 0400 build 0003
Handset version version 0400 build 0002

  • Issues Resolved:
    • None
  • New Features:
    • None
  • Improvements:
    • None
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