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Congratulations on being the newest member to the Sangoma IP Phone Family!

Sangoma IP Phones are designed to work with:

  • FreePBX Distro, 
  • FreePBX appliances
  • PBXact appliances
  • PBXact Cloud

Requires being on FreePBX Distro or PBXact 10.13.66 release.

If using FreePBX you will need to make sure your PBX is registered with the FreePBX License server to use Phone Apps or End Point Manager for Sangoma Phones for free.

Where do I start?

There are 4 ways to setup Sangoma phones.  Please select from one of the below

1- Setup Phone using Redirection Service (Zero-Touch Auto-provisioning)

2- Setup Phone using PNP Service

3- Setup Phone using DHCP Option 66

4- Setup Phone by hard setting Provisioning server into each phone 


We recommend you select Option 1 above.

Setting up Sangoma Phone(s) with our redirection service offers true Zero-Touch provisioning.  This process allows the phone to auto-discover FreePBX / PBXact and auto-provision itself, simply by un-boxing a new phone and connecting its Ethernet cable to the network.

Other Benefits of using our Redirection Service:

    • Allows end-user to setup their own phone by simply connecting it to the network. No manual configuration !
      • eliminates requirement of on-site IT administrator
    • Enables remote office workers to setup their own phone by simply connecting phone to the Internet
    • Easy relocation of phone without any manual configuration
    • Simply plug the Ethernet Cable into the phone, power it up and it auto-provisions


Boot Procedure of a NEW Sangoma Phone

Upon initial boot of a NEW Sangoma phone, it will attempt the following procedure in the order listed, until one is successful:

  1. PnP service:  The Phone will attempt to find the FreePBX / PBXact system by sending a multicast discovery on the network. 
    Note: For PnP service to be successful the FreePBX / PBXact must be on the same network segment as the phones, AND must have sysadmin 13.0.73 and above.  
  2. "Option 66" (feature of your company DHCP server if enabled). 
  3. Redirection service:  Phone will try and contact Sangoma's redirection service at and see if your phone has been setup with a redirect to your PBX. In the event it can not reach the Redirect Server or the Redirect Server has not been setup for your phone the phone will continue to boot up but it will have no information on how to reach your PBX.  



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