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Legacy Data API 

  • Event based sdk that allows full leverage and power of Sangoma signaling and voice stacks.
  • Integrated signaling, voice, tone events and I/O
  • Higher level API:  place call, clear call, read data
  • For: MTP2 API, FXO/FXS tapping, ISUP tapping and ISDN Tapping
  • Supported Telephony cards: A10X, A116, a200, a400 
  • Supported signaling types: PRI, BRI (roadmap), SS7, FXO, FXS, GSM 
  • Supported OS: Windows and Linux



  • Data API For Sangoma A101,A102,A104, A108 (E1/T1) and A142/A144 telephony Cards
  • Modes of operation
    • HDLCThe sample application runs on top of a hdlc interface and receives HDLC formated frames.
      HDLC framing is done in AFT hardware.
    • Transparent (Bitstreaming) Mode: The sample application runs on top of a raw transparent interface and
      receives all bits on the line in configurable block size.
      HDLC framing is turned off in hardware
    • Protocol API Mode: The AFT API can run on top of a protocol interface such as: PPP, CHDLC, ATM, Frame Relay.
      Support For S518 ADSL, Multilink PPP, PPPoE over ADSL  


LibSangoma Voice API

FreeTDM Signaling & Voice API

  • Voice API used to build custom Voice applications over Sangoma telephony cards,on both
    Linux & Windows
  • Provides raw HDLC (dchan) framing, and raw ulaw/alaw (bchan) I/O
  • Customer application is responsible for signalling protocols and higher layer functions
  • Can be used for both network termination or tapping
  • Supported on all Sangoma Telephony cards

    • NOTE: The FreeTDM API is provided strictly AS-IS, with no support from Sangoma.
    • It is an API for the FreeTDM project
    • It is intended for custom development along with TDM and analog telephony cards
    • The FreeTDM API allows you to configure spans and run a given signaling stack on a span
    • The intention of the library is to present a consistent API for different telephony signaling stacks and board I/O APIs





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