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Important Note Regarding FreeSwitch® and FreeTDM® Support

Support for FreeSwitch and FreeTDM for Sangoma telephony card products are no longer provided by Sangoma. All FreeSwitch drivers and applications are provided as-is with no warranty.  

Sangoma was previously involved in the FreeTDM and FreeSwitch projects, but has refocused its development efforts primarily on Asterisk-based platforms including FreePBX. The information on this page and other FreeSwitch- and FreeTDB-related pages on the Sangoma Wiki has been retained for historical and reference purposes, but should not be relied upon as reflecting Sangoma's current development efforts or support policies.


Layer 1 Statistics

The layer 1 statistics command will print layer 1 statistics as reported by the Wanpipe drivers.

Usage: l1_stats <span name>
Freeswitch example: ftdm sangoma_isdn l1_stats wp1


Protocol Status

The protocol status command will print the signalling status of each span. All ISDN PRI spans and all ISDN BRI Point-to-point spans need to have their signalling status "UP" before attempting to make calls. On ISDN BRI Point-to-multipoint spans, the signalling link may be in "DOWN" state even though there are no line problems.

Usage: show_spans
Freeswitch example: ftdm sangoma_isdn show_spans

Protocol trace

To enable Q921 trace:
Usage: trace q921 <span name>
Freeswitch example: ftdm sangoma_isdn trace q921 wp1

To enable Q931 trace:
Usage: trace q931 <span name> 
Freeswitch example: ftdm sangoma_isdn trace q931 wp1

To disable all traces:
Usage: trace disable <span name> 
Freeswitch example: ftdm sangoma_isdn trace disable wp1

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