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As requirements for security, customer service and legal responsibilities have increased, it has become important to be able to monitor and record telephone conversations.

 Sangoma's Tapping solution is a high performance, robust and inexpensive toolkit that gives you complete access to the T1/E1 voice and signalling interfaces. Based on the popular A102, A104 and A108 AFT cards.

A convenient Tap Connection Adapter is available, which allows the data transport line to be hard wired with strain relief. The tapping connections are then simply connected to the RJ45 connectors provided.


The Sangoma Tapping Solution is comprised physically of an A102 (dual port) A104 (quad port) or A108 (octal port) T1/E1 card, standard cabling, and a PN 633 Tap Connection Adapter. The lines to be tapped are hard wired into the Tap Connection Adapter. Straight cables are connected between the Tap Connection Adapter and a pair of ports on the T1/E1 card, allowing both sides of the line to be monitored simultaneously.

The system can be used in either standard, low impedance and high impedance modes, high impedance being used to ensure that no accidental short of the monitoring lines will affect the flow of T1/E1 traffic.

 A line can be tapped 5 times using a filtered tap without negative effects.


Physical Installation

  1. Open the case of the Sangoma Tap; a screw driver will aid you in gently opening the tap.
  2. Connect  the existing T1/E1 line to the "To NET" connector.
  3. Connect one end of a standard "straight" T1/E1 cable to the "To CPE" port of the tap and other end to the normal termination point of the T1/E1.
  4. Replace the cover of the Sangoma Tap removed in step 1.
  5. Confirm that all cables are installed correctly by checking that the physical layer (T1/E1) is up and active on both sides of the line.
  6. Connect a "straight" cable to the both "TX NET" and "TX CPE" ports of the tap and run these cables to the Sangoma card that will be used to monitor the tapped line.


NOTE: Straight cable pin-outs w.r.t different cards is present at Cable Pinouts.

Tapping Application selection

Select one of the below Tapping applications to continue installation"

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