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NOTE: This is only for Linux environments (Asterisk/FreeSWITCH installations)

The Support Logger is a script that runs on your Linux environment that simply collects all Sangoma logs and configs.  

It will automatically zip the files and ask you to attach the zip file to your ticket. Read below for details


How to use Support Logger

Simply run the 2 commands as seen in the image below (Make sure to run all commands as root user)

These commands will download + run the script on your system. Once the script is finished it will provide you with a file support_logger-<date>.zip file.
Simply attach this file to your ticket in order for our support team to troubleshooting your issue.


Starting ./
Running script as user 'root'

The Sangoma support logger is now collecting logs and configs from your system...


<<< Please attach the following file to your support ticket >>>

The package is located in '/home/marc' on your local system
Have a nice day.

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