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Complete Cable Pinouts PDF

Information about the cable pinouts of specific Sangoma boards may be found at Cable Pin Numbering and Pinouts


The RJ-45 (Registered Jack 45) is one of the common physical connectors in the communications industry today eventhough it is not an official standard.  An RJ-45 connector is used to refer to a 8 pin - 8 connector (8P-8C) modular connector.  The name is also "RJ-45" is incorrectly used to describe a common ethernet cable (TIA/EIA-568-B).

The image below shows the pinout of a 8P-8C connector...the "tab" to hold the connector in the socket is facing down (or towards this page).


Image from :


RJ-48C aka T1/E1 RJ-45


RJ-49C aka BRI RJ-45



RJ-48S aka 56K DDS RJ-45


RJ-11/RJ-14 aka Standard Analog Connector (6P-4C)


RJ-9/RJ-10/RJ-22 aka RJ-11 Narrow (4P-4C)

NOTE: RJ-9, RJ-10, RJ-22, and RJ-11 Narrow are not official standards.  This connector is official called "Modular Connector 4P-4C"



RJ-21 aka 50-pin Telco connector, CHAMP, or Amphenol Connector


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S5141 < ---  >  (DB35 Male end) 619 Cable (DB 25 Male End) < --- > (DB25-Female end) 602 cable  (DB 25 Male end )  < --- > ( need converter to with two Female DB 25 end) < --- >(DB 25 Male end ) 619 cable (DB 37 Male End)  < --- >S5141 card.

619 Cable Pin out:

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