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Sangoma Meet is an easy to use Multi Party Video conferencing platform from Sangoma.

  • Free to use
  • Completely secure
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile

Navigate to and enjoy a free, fully secure video conference!

For best experience we recommend Chrome Browser!

Features Overview

  • Multi Party Video and Audio conference
  • One Click Create Conference 
  • One Click Schedule Conference
    • Simple as sharing a conference link
  • Screen Share
    • Multiple members can share screen at same time
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile
    • Desktop runs from your browser
      • Nothing to download
      • Prefered Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
    • Sangoma Meet iOS and Android app
  • Completely secure and stateless
    • No data is stored on our Video conference servers
  • Password set by default on meeting create
    • Password enabled by default
    • One click link that includes the password, removes the need to type in your password
  • Raise Hand
  • Group and Private Chat
  • Dial-in Phone numbers
  • Calendar integration using Chrome Extension

Device Support

  • Desktop
    • Run Meet from existing browsers
    • We recommend Chrome browser for best experience on both Windows and Mac
  • Desktop App
    • Sangoma Meet Desktop App is coming soon
  • Mobile Apps
    • Sangoma Meet Mobiles Apps for iOS and Android are coming soon


  • Sangoma Meet is a free service, you can send feedback and/or rate us at
    • Click on Rating and then fill out a form
  • Please refer to FAQ on how to send more detailed feedback or report a bug.

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