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This page refers to systems running PBX version 12 and earlier, which are now end of life. Please see this this page for current systems: fwconsole commands (13+), and additionally this page for FreePBX 15+ fwconsole commands (15+)

Their may be cases that something breaks and you can not get into your FreePBX GUI and you need to perform module updates to fix a GUI problem.  Below is a example on how we would upgrade the framework module from the CLI.

  • SSH into your PBX

  • Upgrade the Framework module. 
    • amportal a ma update framework


  • Now we need to mimic pressing the "Red Apply Configuration" button from the CLI with the commands below.
    • amportal a r


  • Thats all thats to it.  We have now upgraded our framework module.


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